Ford Has Failed Us Again on COVID-19 Response – Ontario Liberals

“This is another wave of COVID-19 that he has failed to prepare for, and now we’re all stuck paying the price.”

A Statement from Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca

Posted December 18th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

Ford Takes Belated Action As Omicron Surges

TORONTO – On December 17th, Ontario Liberal Leader, Steven Del Duca issued the following statement:

Conquer COVID-19? Not everyone thinks Ontario Premier Doug Ford is doing a very good job.

“Once again, Doug Ford waited until it was far too late to start taking action, as he did in the second, third and fourth waves. I am outraged on behalf of all those who have followed the advice, gotten vaccinated, and were once again let down by their government.

The frontline workers who have been working through severe burnout for years, the entrepreneurs still trying to recover their livelihoods, the students who are facing what could be a third school year interrupted by COVID-19. They deserve so much better than Doug Ford’s failures and uncertainty.

It was more than a month ago that Ontario Liberals and doctors called for urgent new measures to proactively mitigate the fifth wave, but Doug Ford ignored the science.

Had he invested in ventilation, moved on deploying rapid tests sooner, expanded booster eligibility right away, and made sure classrooms were safe in September, we might not have needed today’s(December 17th) measures (review the measures the Ford government introduced this December 17th in the link below).

Every time we face a new wave of COVID-19, Doug Ford needs to be dragged kicking and screaming, then scrambles once it’s already too late. This is another wave of COVID-19 that he has failed to prepare for, and now we’re all stuck paying the price.”

To review the measures the Ford government is putting in place in response to surging COVID-19 case counts in Ontario, click on –

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