Ford Government Has Failed Ontario’s Species At Risk

Call on the Government to Take Action to Protect Ontario’s Most Vulnerable Species.

An Important Message to All of Us from Ontario Nature, a citizens group advocating for the province’s wildlife

Posted December 3rd, 2021 on Niagara At Large

The November 2021 report of the Auditor General of Ontario (Bonnie Lysyk), Protecting and Recovering Species at Risk, lays bare the provincial government’s utter failure to do what is needed to improve the outlook for Ontario’s most vulnerable plants and animals.


The audit’s biggest eye-opener is the government’s slipshod approach to implementing the law.

For example, approvals for harmful activities have gone up by 6,262 percent; the government has never inspected any of these approved projects to ensure compliance; and enforcement has been almost non-existent since 2018.

The government has no long-term strategy to improve the status of species at risk in Ontario – no priorities, no timelines, no planned actions and no performance measures to evaluate effectiveness.

Please join us in demanding better of our political leaders and representatives. Let them know you want an action plan to recover species at risk developed and implemented, with clear commitments to address the government’s inexcusable record to date.

Your voice matters.

Sincerely, Ontario Nature

To send a letter to Ontario’s political leaders, calling for more protection for species at risk, click on – .

To visit the Ontario Auditor General’s recent report on Species at Risk, click on – <>

For another great article on this issue, click on –

About Ontario Nature – Ontario Nature protects wild species and wild spaces through conservation, education and public engagement. Ontario Nature is a charitable organization representing more than 30,000 members and supporters, and 155 member groups across Ontario.

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