Ford Government is “Building Ontario” by Pushing Forward with Controversial  Highway 413

Government says New 400 series highway will relieve gridlock, create jobs, improve movement of goods, and save drivers commuting time

“This project is a key part of our plan that’s building Ontario.” – Ontario Premier Doug Ford

A News Release from Ontario’s Ford Government
Posted November 10th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is highway happy. Let’s just go on building more and more highways through the province’s greenbelts. That ought to trigger more urban sprawl.

The Ontario government is moving forward with building Highway 413, a new 400-series highway and transit corridor across Halton, Peel and York regions.
The highway will bring relief to the most congested corridor in North America and play a vital role in the province’s plan for economic recovery, growth, and job creation.
“With Halton, Peel and York regions all set to grow at incredible speed, our government is saying yes to building the roads and highways that will keep these communities moving,” said Premier Doug Ford. “Highway 413 will create thousands of jobs while saving commuters hours of gridlock every day. This project is a key part of our plan that’s building Ontario.”

Highway 413 will be a key factor in unlocking the potential of people and businesses in the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH), which is an economic driver for the province.
In addition to reducing time on the road for drivers, including those taking goods to market, the highway will link growing regions, provide better connections to housing and jobs, and attract increased investment in auto manufacturing and other industries.
“Highway 413 will save drivers up to 30 minutes each way on their commute, adding up to one hour per day and five hours per week in people’s schedules. This relief will be the difference between sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic and having dinner with your family at home,” said Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation.
“As the population of the GGH surges, the new Highway 413 is an opportunity we cannot pass up. As part of our plan to build Ontario, our government is making historic investments in both public transit and highway infrastructure to get people, goods, and businesses moving.”
The corridor will extend from Highway 400 in the east to the Highway 401/407 express toll route (ETR) interchange area in the west and will include a four-to-six-lane 400 series highway, separate infrastructure dedicated for transit and passenger stations, and intelligent transportation and truck parking.
Preliminary design of the preferred route has commenced for this essential project. During construction, Highway 413 is expected to support up to 3,500 jobs each year and generate up to $350 million in annual real gross domestic product (GDP).
“Investing in transportation infrastructure, like Highway 413, will not only improve our productivity and encourage economic growth by allowing goods to get to market faster, it will also have a measurable impact on the quality of life for Ontario drivers so they can spend more time with friends and family,” said Peter Bethlenfalvy, Minister of Finance.
“That is why we are building the highways that will get Ontario drivers out of gridlock. Ontario is growing — and the province’s transportation network needs to grow with it.”
On November 4, the government released the 2021 Ontario Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review: Build Ontario. 
The plan lays out how the government will build the foundation for Ontario’s recovery and prosperity by getting shovels in the ground on critical infrastructure, attracting increased investment, restoring leadership in auto manufacturing and other industries, and supporting Ontario workers. The plan also protects Ontario’s progress against the COVID-19 pandemic.
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2 responses to “Ford Government is “Building Ontario” by Pushing Forward with Controversial  Highway 413

  1. Hi, Doug. Thanks for this post. I am having trouble seeing how a 60 km highway can save commuters 30 minutes. Have you seen the study on this that shows the math of how this would work? Looking at the map, it doesn’t look like the number of kilometres would be that much different.

    When you consider that a 60 km road, driven on at 100 kph would take 36 minutes, it implies that the alternate route takes 66 minutes to drive currently. The plan is just to split the traffic over the two roads?

    Not that I want to see this highway built over the farmland for any reason, I am just trying to see how they are coming up with their justification.

    And definitely no mid-peninsula highway.

    Keep up the great work, I really appreciate what you do.

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  2. I support the HWY413 idea. It is something that is long long overdue.

    Roads are bringing prosperity and economic development which is why they were built in the first place.

    Everyone should cheer as this means less emissions and warming due to cars idling in an ever present gridlock. anyone driving in GTA knows well how gridlock delays play out and how much delay they cause.

    And it is not just delays it is also accidents due stop and go traffic. and while delays are a problem (who would not want to arrive in less time and relax with family), the much bigger problem is extreme stress the gridlock causes to drivers. and doing twice a day half an hour of extreme stress and road rage is not good for ones health and mental state. and we are not talking about one or two individuals, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of commuters.

    Building highway would not just improve situation there but also offload other arteries like 401. opposing to this project is insanity.

    @Pat, yes the distance is about the same but the present driving conditions are not what you describe. you cannot cover it while smooth cruising in your lane at 100km/h.

    It is more like driving significant part of that distance at speed of some 10km/h while surrounded by truck and other vehicles that aggressively try to change lane even when conditions are horrible and visibility is poor.

    I am all for better public transit as a way to reduce pressure on roads. unfortunately public transit in Canada is inferior to many 3rd world countries. even urban areas like GTA have extremely underdeveloped transit system.

    Try to plan both short and long trip relying on anything other than car…. For example short trip could be from Vaughn to Milton. long could be from Toronto to i don’t know… perhaps town that is at the center of the Ontario, say Wava. Then do the equivalent in other countries and – there is just no comparison. other countries will allow you to get there easier, more frequently, for less, and using more diverse options (bus, street car, subway, train, plane, boat). Unfortunately for vast number of Canadians, the only way to commute is by using own vehicle.

    Therefore – build the road…


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