Ford’s “Building Ontario” Plan Is Just More Pavement

“Paving over more wetlands and farmland to supercharge urban sprawl will only make the climate and housing crisis worse.”

A Message from Ontario’s Green Party

Posted  November 5th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

Ford says he’s “building Ontario,” but his plan paves over what makes our province special

This week’s Fall Economic Statement (tabled by the Ford government this November 4th) features more of the anti-climate, anti-affordability policy we’ve come to expect from the Ford government; an announcement that was as much a rally cry against the environment, as an economic statement.

Instead of giving Ontarians the climate action and affordable housing we so desperately need, Ford fully committed to funding Highway 413 and the Holland Marsh Highway (Bradford Bypass).

The four-lane bypass will cross 27 waterways and rip through Ontario’s environmentally sensitive wetlands and prime farmland. This kind of expansion is Ford’s way of playing fast and loose with your children’s futures.


Ontario Greens released a climate plan focused on reducing carbon emissions and building stronger, greener communities. Our Roadmap to Net-Zero lays out a comprehensive plan to build a strong, green economy while giving families more time together and less time spent on the road.

                        Tell Ford he needs a climate plan now

Paving over more wetlands and farmland to supercharge urban sprawl will only make the climate and housing crisis worse.

If the Premier truly wants to improve the quality of life for Ontario families, then he cannot ignore the need to address climate change now to ensure we have a tomorrow to come home to.

Instead of putting the climate crisis front and centre, Ford can only talk about more highways. His plan has no imagination, and no future. It’s just more pavement.


Join in telling the Ford Government to stop spewing the same old rhetoric and follow the Ontario Greens’ climate plan to reach the Ontario we want.

To send a message to the Ford Government on this topic, click on – 

Sincerely, Ontario Greens

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One response to “Ford’s “Building Ontario” Plan Is Just More Pavement

  1. If you expected something positive from Ford you’re either expecting a miracle or you’re probably a developer or friend of his.


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