Ontario NDP/Liberal Leaders Say Ford’s 2021 Economic Statement Fails to Address Needs of Province’s People

News Releases from the Ontario NDP Official Opposition Party and the Ontario Liberal Party

Posted November 11th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

Ford’s budget update has none of what Ontarians need now –  NDP

Horwath says she’ll never stop fighting for investments in people

“In a province where Mr. Ford’s buddies get whatever they want, Ontarians are getting none of what they need and deserve.”          – Ontario NDP Leader  Horwath.

Ontario NDP Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath

QUEEN’S PARK — Official Opposition NDP Leader Andrea Horwath condemned Doug Ford’s budget update for including none of what people need now, and promised she’ll never stop  fighting for investments in people.

“It’s getting harder and harder for Ontarians to afford the life they’re working hard for as skyrocketing prices squeeze their budgets,” said Horwath.

“The cost of child care, auto insurance, gas, and groceries are rising, and pay cheques aren’t. And it was already getting tougher for everyday folks to get the health care they need, and to get their kids the education they deserve.

“Mr. Ford’s budget update has none of what Ontarians need now. There’s nothing to make life more affordable, and there’s no help for hospitals and a cut for our children’s schools.”

The Ford government’s budget update slashes $500 million from education. It doesn’t permanently raise personal support worker (PSW) wages, it doesn’t end the government’s low-wage policy, and it doesn’t do anything to help local businesses hire, raise wages and expand. There’s nothing to help with the cost of housing and child care, or lower the price of gas, auto insurance or hydro bills.

“In a province where Mr. Ford’s buddies get whatever they want, Ontarians are getting none of what they need and deserve,” said Horwath. “Mr. Ford is once again proving that he’s not here for everyday families.”

Horwath said New Democrats will never stop fighting for the investments Ontarians need today, including:

  • * An end to the low-wage policy
  • * Measures to rein in the high cost of living
  • * A plan to urgently hire and retain tens of thousands of health care and long-term care workers
  • * Funding to clear the massive backlog of surgeries to help people waiting in pain
  • * Support for kids’ safety and recovery at school, both academically and emotionally

“If the NDP were in government today, the 2021 budget would be overhauled to invest in people,” said Horwath. “Ontarians should be able to afford to build a good life in our province. An NDP government will give everyday folks hope again by protecting workers, not Ford’s buddies, by standing up for local business, not big box stores, and by investing in health care and our kids, not cutting deeper.”

TORONTO – A Statement from Ontario Liberal Leader, Steven Del Duca 

Doug Ford Releases Mirage of a Plan

A News Release from Ontario’s Liberal Party, November 4th, 2021

Ontario Liberal Leaader Steven Del Duca

“Instead of releasing the plan Ontario families were looking for, today’s Fall Economic Statement failed on vaccine mandates, childcare, education, support for small business, and so much more.

On vaccine mandates, Doug Ford is listening to the protesters outside of hospitals instead of the health care heroes inside them.

On childcare, Doug Ford is leaving parents to continue struggling with unaffordable costs and putting our economic recovery at risk instead of signing a deal like eight other provinces and territories have already done. Ontario Liberals are committed to delivering $10/day childcare.

On education, instead of investing in our children’s future, Doug Ford is cutting funding for our students and schools by half a billion dollars. Ontario Liberals would use the $8 billion saved when we stop Highway 413 to build and repair schools.

On small business, Doug Ford has once again refused to issue a third round of small business funding, even after the most difficult two years our entrepreneurs have ever faced. Ontario Liberals have repeatedly called for that support to be released.

Today’s Fall Economic Statement is proof that only Ontario Liberals can lead Ontario to a real recovery.”

To find out more about the Ford Government’s 2021 Economic Statement, click on – https://niagaraatlarge.com/2021/11/04/ford-government-releases-build-ontario-2021-fall-economic-statement/ 

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