Students Urge Us To Sign Petition On District School Board of Niagara’s Sexual Assault and Harassment Policies

Niagara At Large is pleased to Post the Following Petition on behalf of Niagara secondary school students concerned about this issue

Posted October 14th, 2021

DSBN Sexual Assault and Harassment Policies

The Student-Launched Petition – “The DSBN (the District School Board of Niagara) has made it very clear that they refuse to hear our concerns and deny them despite the protests and real stories that students have shared regarding their experiences when coming forward about sexual assault and harassment in DSBN schools.

Niagara students at a recent walk-out over the sexual harassment issue.

“There is an inhumane lack of seriousness shown towards allegations within DSBN schools, and they will never be able to sit comfortably behind our silence again.

“Every student deserves, no, has the right to feel safe within their schools and no student should be more scared of the punishments threatened towards student who speak out than of the punishments that abusers face (or don’t).

“We are demanding a reform to DSBN sexual assault and harassment policies, stricter enforcement of them, and more responsibility taken by administrations with schools when these events come to light.

“Students safety should be much more important than reputations in schools and we will not rest until every single student feels secure and gets the justice they deserve.

“Our goal for this petition is 1,000 signatures.” (NAL note – As of this posting on October 14th, more than 2,500 people have already signed this petition.)

Visit petition page by clicking on

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