Town of Lincoln Celebrates Opening of Konkle Creek Naturalization Project

“The Konkle Creek Naturalization Project has been a decade in the making and I am so proud of the many benefits it brings to our town, residents, and the environment.”               – Town of Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton

News from the Town of Lincoln in Niagara, Ontario

Posted September 29th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

Lincoln, Ontario – The Town of Lincoln, in cooperation with the Active Transportation Advisory Committee, has proudly opened the Konkle Creek Naturalization Project. A small ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on September 25, 2021.

This project addressed the channel erosion issues of Konkle Creek, while concurrently restoring the form and function of the watercourse to the extent possible. It also provided the opportunity to further connect the community through the active transportation network.

The natural watercourse design improves future creek stability which limits future maintenance needs and impacts to the natural environment.  It minimizes impact to existing vegetation and wildlife while improving the respective habitats.

“The Konkle Creek Naturalization Project has been a decade in the making and I am so proud of the many benefits it brings to our town, residents, and the environment,” said Town of Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton.  “Lincoln is a community that prides itself on community connectivity and environmental stewardship, and this project truly exemplifies these values.”

Planting vegetation in the Konkle Creek area while the project was underway

“One of the key aspects of this project was the acquisition of property which allowed us to provide a true community space through this naturalized area,” said the Town’s CAO Michael Kirkopoulos. “The new trail supports inclusivity in the surrounding neighbourhood and the whole community, and it ensures that we are providing spaces for residents of all ages and abilities.”

“It is always a pleasure to work with Town staff and Council in delivering our vision of an active transportation network to the Lincoln community,” said Carol Phillips, Chair of the Active Transportation Advisory Committee.  “The trail allows for safe and comfortable travel while experiencing the mindful benefits of the natural surroundings.”

The project began with the construction of a new meandering naturalized creek from Greenlane to approximately 750m south of Greenlane.  The northern part of the creek was constructed on newly purchased land east of the existing creek.

The final phase involved the stabilization of the existing creek from Meadowood Park and the diversion of flow from the existing creek into the naturalized corridor.  It involved backfilling the decommissioned creek channel and replacing it with a pedestrian multi-use trail and a significant amount of new vegetation.

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