In A Global Health Emergency, Anti-Vaxxers Should Be Treated Like The Pariahs They Are

“They (the anti-vaxxers or vaccine resisters) grasp onto any conspiracy that reinforces their view no matter how ludicrous and easily disproved, again due to fear, fear of being wrong or looking stupid. … Problem is they are both, wrong and stupid.”

A Commentary by Linda McKellar, a Niagara, Ontario resident and retired hospital nurse

Posted September 5th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

Point #1 – Ivermectin is used to treat parasites.
Point # 2 – COVID is a virus, not a parasite.
Point #3 – Ivermectin is NOT approved for use against COVID.
Point #4 – Hydroxychloroquine was another would be cure all. It is also used to clean aquariums. Several people died from using it.

What in hell is going on with the human race?

Many people are ready to turn ugly in response to these anti vax/anti science types. The anti vax folks have been the loud (an empty barrel echoes louder than a full one) and angry ones up until now but at long last they are about to feel the backlash.

People are fed up and no longer willing to play nice with idiots who are putting everyone in danger. Sensible folks who have acted responsibly have been held hostage by these foolish people for too long.

The difference will be that we won’t spew out BS, scream nonsense until red in the face, spitting saliva on others in the process and start fist fights like the demure and educated (sarcasm) mothers in front of a school in Florida who punch others in the face over a mask while cursing like a sailor on shore leave (terrific role models for their children).

We must begin to treat them like the pariahs they are. Their cherished rights that they claim to be sacrosanct will disappear, not because of government regulations but due to public ire over the loss of THEIR rights.

No social activities, no travel, no public transit, withdrawal of health care services. Ostracism works. In Canada they are definitely the minority and we live in a democracy where majority rules and supposedly in a country where science and common sense is respected.

Psychology 101 tells us that these people, who claim to be the most clever, the most righteous and the most courageous among us, are actually insecure little beings who are terrified of a world that is currently beyond their control.

This happens in tough times like depressions, natural disasters, job loss or pandemics. For that reason they create an alternate fantasy world with like-minded individuals, also fearful, because in that world they feel that they have some control.

They think they are in charge when they are far from it and getting farther as they add to their fantasies.

They grasp onto any conspiracy that reinforces their view no matter how ludicrous and easily disproved, again due to fear, fear of being wrong or looking stupid.

 Problem is they are both, wrong and stupid.

Linda McKellar is a Niagara, Ontario resident and retired nurse who remains a strong advocate for quality, universal health care. She is also an avid follower of public affairs who frequently shares here views on Niagara At Large.

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2 responses to “In A Global Health Emergency, Anti-Vaxxers Should Be Treated Like The Pariahs They Are

  1. The drug hydroxlcloride was and is used for malaria! I have had to take it numerous times when I travelled to African countries. Just saying it is used in human beings all the time. I can not get the vaccine because of a blood disease.. that does not make me a rebel .. trouble maker conspiracy thinking person! AND I AM NOT STUPID! I wish everyone who is not or can not take the vaccine put into the category that you are putting us all in. Yes there are radicals in every situation in life. But please don’t lump us all together. This is very upsetting and unfortunate to people like me!


    • Debi, my apologies.
      I AM NOT putting you in the same category and realize there are good people who cannot be vaccinated and would NEVER lump people like you with the “rebels” or dare call you stupid. I am sure most people reading this understood that and sympathize with your situation. My commentary was to intended to PROTECT people like you!
      I am referring to those who, out of some misguided thought process or sheer selfishness, simply refuse to use common sense and hold people hostages, ESPECIALLY those like yourself, who cannot be vaccinated.
      Not only that, but vaccines don’t have the same efficacy in everyone. One person may have 95% and another 50%. They need protection as well. Currently children are not being vaccinated either. What about them?
      I also took hydroxychloroquine for trips to Africa. People who used it and died did so due to on line chatter that it was a cure and used commercial drugs not intended for human consumption. They used aquarium cleaner!
      Hydroxychloroquine used indiscriminately can cause cardia arrhythmias and death. Nobody should become their own physician and use drugs without them being prescribed for a specific reason.
      Again this commentary was in no way directed at those like you who are being held hostage by fools.


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