Ontario’s Ford/Oosterhoff Tories Show True Colours on Women’s Rights

Why is Doug Ford allowing far right, anti-choice groups to select PC Party candidates?

“Doug Ford has allowed close ties to dangerous anti-choice, anti-women groups to grow in his party, and now we are seeing the extreme Campaign Life Coalition organize his local campaigns and select candidates in communities like ours.”            – Jennie Stevens, NDP MPP for St. Catharines

News from Ontario’s NDP Official Opposition Party

Posted June 23rd, 2021 on Niagara At Large

Niagara West and Ford Conservative Government MPP Sam Oosterhoff, speaking at anti-abortion rally in front of Queen’s Park a few years ago, with Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s blessing.

ST. CATHARINES and TORONTO, Ontario — The Campaign Life Coalition, an extreme anti-abortion lobby group, is fundraising and soliciting membership sign-ups for the PC Party of Ontario — and is planning to pick the party’s candidate in at least one riding.

The NDP is calling on Doug Ford to denounce anti-choice organizers in his caucus and party immediately.

“Doug Ford has allowed close ties to dangerous anti-choice, anti-women groups to grow in his party, and now we are seeing the extreme Campaign Life Coalition organize his local campaigns and select candidates in communities like ours,” said Jennie Stevens, NDP MPP for St. Catharines, who is also the critic for Veterans, Legions, and Military Affairs.

“Ontarians who believe in reproductive rights need to hear Doug Ford publicly denounce the Campaign Life Coalition and their mission. He needs to clearly and publicly instruct this hateful organization to stop collecting donations and memberships on his behalf.”

In St. Catharines, the Campaign Life Coalition sent a letter (https://mcusercontent.com/353019c4e982ae7eb8ea53150/_compresseds/d75250b3-08ee-3f9d-5ac8-55687d5a0038.jpg) to anti-abortion activists with “a blank PCPO membership form enclosed” that says they’ve already selected a PC Party candidate who will “always vote” for their cause.

Ford Conservative MPP Sam Oosterhoff, representing Niagara West Riding, is featured speaker at anti-abortion even earlier this year.

“What on earth makes Doug Ford believe he, his insiders or any candidates have the right to tell women or pregnant people what they’re allowed to do with their bodies?” said Jill Andrew, the Official Opposition critic for Women’s Issues. “People don’t need extreme anti-choice lobbyists interfering — not in their elections, and not certainly not in their reproductive rights.”

In March, Ford greenlit PC MPP Sam Oosterhoff’s attendance at an event hosted by organizers who compared a woman’s right to choose to the horrors of the Holocaust. Oosterhoff previously attended a rally where he swore to make “abortion unthinkable in our lifetime.” He did not face any repercussions from Ford for either event.

Some final notes from Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper – 

To hear a question to Ontario Premier Doug Ford about his MPP from Niagara West, comparing abortion to the holocaust earlier this year, click on the screen immediately below

The bottom-line is this. Ontario Premier Doug Ford has continued to keep Sam Oosterhoff, who was home schooled throughout the grade school years, as an assistant to the province’s Minister of Education – a ministry responsible for, among other things, guiding curriculums that shape the minds of our young people.

By  the way, this is the same Sam Oosterhoff who featured himself in a social media photo this past October, 202o, with a large group of  friends in a Niagara, Falls, Ontario restaurant, without wearing masks and in defiance of a Niagara mandate to wear masks in public indoor places.

Here is the group photo, mask-less and no social distancing. Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff is identified in the circle in the upper left-hand corner of the photo

This photo was taken and featured on Oosterhoff’s social media page, despite repeated requests he and his group received from restaurant staff to please wear a mask.

In his anti-abortion crusades, Oosterhoff calls himself “right to life.” What about the lives of others who would rather not risk getting sick and possibly dying from COVID-19?

  • Doug Draper, Niagara At Large

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3 responses to “Ontario’s Ford/Oosterhoff Tories Show True Colours on Women’s Rights

  1. If you want to understand how nefarious shadow groups operate, I suggest the book “Dark Money: The Hidden History of Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right,” by investigative jouirnalist Jane Mayer (2016). It shows how these groups work together to influence all walks of life to suit their own benefits – profit and control. These groups have no loyalty or borders. For the US it shows how the .01% have subverted the Republican party. It’s why I suspect that the Democrats do not have a chance in coming elections and the next presidential election.


  2. yikes!


  3. Linda McKellar

    Actually, if women had to rely on “manly” men like Doug Ford or little Sammy Oosterhoff (YUCH on both counts) as their sole reproductive means there would be no need for abortions. Ever notice that butt ugly cult leaders who are proponents of arranged marriages and men having multiple partners are INCELS who couldn’t get laid in a whore house?
    The idiocy from the US radical right is spreading north and a lot of common sense will be crushed by the noisy few like anti vaxxers and those who are phobic of lockdowns and masks.
    Everyone knows an empty drum makes more noise than a full one but as a result gets more attention.
    Where in hell is common sense? Society isn’t evolving but devolving. The human race is causing its own downward spiral and ultimately will cause its end by war, climate change, overpopulation or some other obvious and preventable means. The inmates are running the asylums.
    Of course as Mr Spirko said, those at the top of the heap are not idiots but connivers with hidden agendas who convince the public to be “useful idiots”, a term possibly coined by Vladimir Lenin, for someone propagandized for a cause without fully comprehending the cause’s goals.
    As George Carlin said, “Think of how stupid the average person is and realize half of them are even stupider than that.” Humans are far from the paragon of the animal world. We prove it on a daily basis.

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