Niagara Falls NDP MPP Demands Justice for Niagara Long-Term Care Families

A News Release from the Constituency Office of Niagara Falls NDP MPP Wayne Gates

Posted Mary 10th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

Niagara Falls MPP Wayne Gates

NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario  — Following the devastating loss of life in Niagara’s long-term care homes, NDP MPP Wayne Gates (Niagara Falls) demanded in question period Monday (Math 10th) that Doug Ford commit to implementing the recommendations of Ontario’s Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission.

Nearly 100 per cent of staff and residents at Oakwood Park Lodge in Niagara Falls contracted COVID-19, and 40 people died.

“Despite the Premier’s (Doug Ford’s and his Conservative government’s) promise to build an iron ring around long-term care in the first wave of COVID, more seniors died in the second wave than in the first.

The Long-Term Care Commission’s report says it clearly: the Premier had no plan to protect these seniors or staff,” said Gates. “In Niagara, people died as this government refused to send in the military or Red Cross to help staff. The Ford government failed long-term care residents and staff, leaving Niagara without proper support.”

Not only did Ford fail to implement the iron ring he promised to put around long-term care, but he failed to launch a promised investigation into the deaths of seniors who died due to neglect.

“I am calling on Doug Ford to fully and immediately implement all of the recommendations in the Commission’s report,” said Gates. “We must shore up Ontario’s long-term care homes to prevent another tragedy like the one that happened at Oakwood Park Lodge in Niagara Falls.”

The Ford government has so far refused to commit to fully implementing the commission’s recommendations, which include improved staffing.

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