Niagara Mayor Bylsma’s Role in Maskless, Anti-Lockdown Rally is ‘Deeply Troubling’

Niagara Regional Chair Jim Bradley

“It is particularly distressing to have a member of Regional Council (in the name of West Lincoln Mayor David Bylsma)openly flout the law, thereby setting a poor and unfortunate example for those we represent.”                                    – Niagara Regional Chair Jim Bradley

A Statement from Niagara Regional Chair Jim Bradley regarding recent COVID-19 protests in St. Catharines

Posted April 12th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

NIAGARA REGION, Ontario While I fully support the right to freedom of expression and peaceful lawful assembly, residents are reminded that we continue to be under provincial stay-at-home orders.

West Lincoln Mayor and Niagara Regional Councillor David Bylsma led hundreds of maskless men, women and children in chanting – “No more lockdowns” at a rally in St. Catharines this past April 10th.

“As the third wave of this pandemic begins to severely tax our hospital system, it is more important than ever that we stay home when possible and keep one another safe.

“The demonstrations that took place over the weekend represent only a very small minority of our total population and seems to be driven by misinformation. The efforts and sacrifices that the vast majority of residents have been making for the last year continue to make a measurable difference and have not been in vain.

“Regarding Niagara Regional) Councillor (and West Lincoln Mayor) David Bylsma, I am deeply troubled and disappointed with his active participation in a public demonstration (in St. Catharines this past April 10th) that deliberately ignored the ongoing state of emergency that he himself declared as one of Niagara’s mayors.

“It is particularly distressing to have a member of Regional Council openly flout the law, thereby setting a poor and unfortunate example for those we represent.

In speaking with a number of councillors, and after hearing from numerous members of the public, they share my frustration and concern.

“Under the Emergency Management and Civil Protections Act, all residents of Ontario have been ordered to stay home unless they are conducting a necessary activity. Individuals who chose to participate in the weekend’s rally broke the law.

“Councillor Bylsma is free to express his views, but he is not free to break the law, nor is he free to encourage others to do so. It is one thing for an individual to express personal views no matter how outlandish and lacking in reality they might be, but it is completely unacceptable to break the law.

“I believe it is important to listen to the science and follow the direction provided by our public health experts. On behalf of Regional Council, I want to thank the overwhelming majority of residents who choose to protect their neighbours by staying home, and wearing a mask.”

West Lincoln Mayor David Bylsma, seen here at a meeting of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority’s board of directors two years ago. To Bylsma’s  left is David Barrick, then an administrator at the Conservation Authority who has gone on to be a figure of controversy as the CAO for the City of Brampton, Ontario

To read a piece Niagara At Large posted this April 10th on this issue, based on a Statement by St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik condemning West Lincoln Mayor and Regional Councillor David Bylsma’s actions, click on – .

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3 responses to “Niagara Mayor Bylsma’s Role in Maskless, Anti-Lockdown Rally is ‘Deeply Troubling’

  1. Not a lot of point admonishing the protesters for breaking the law when members of the NRP, who are supposed to uphold the law, were wandering around glad-handing and high-fiving them. Who’s going to arrest the police?


  2. The police take an oath to uphold and protect our charter of rights !!!! Instead they are being used to destroy and trample the that charter. It’s possible that he has done some personal WHO and CDC research regarding the Unicorn virus unlike the lazy sheeple who are on the path to Comuda.


  3. I believe Mayor Bylsma may have been following the fine example set by our Prime Minister and other public servants during in the BLM protests. Mr. Bradley and the media know that freedom to protest was protected by the charter then, and still is. Where was their outcry then? We all know that the facade is wearing thin when politicians like Mayor Bylsma who are brave enough to challenge the narrative and openly discuss the real concerns of their constituents, face orchestrated character assassination from those holding positions of influence and power around them. Perhaps our elected officials should consider that many of their constituents are painfully realizing that the real lawbreaking is coming from those who support the charter violations that tread on the law-abiding people they represent. Perhaps instead of stripping others of their Charter Rights, their jobs, their businesses, and trying to gaslight them for their integrity, they should applaud Mayor Bylsma. He at least has the courage to fight for the rights of those he represents, instead of officiously trampling on them.


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