Niagara Expands COVID-19 Vaccinations For Healthcare Workers Across Region

A News Release from Niagara Health in Niagara, Ontario

Posted February 26th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

Teams of medical researchers around the world are working on a vaccine.

Niagara, Ontario – Across Niagara, 20,265 COVID-19 vaccines have now been administered to long-term care and retirement home workers and residents, essential caregivers, and hospital staff and physicians.

Niagara Health’s vaccination clinic at the Seymour Hannah Sports and Entertainment Centre in St. Catharines will begin vaccinating community healthcare workers identified in the highest and very high priority groups as set out by the Ministry of Health in its risk-based guidance document<>.

This work will take place over the next several months.

The next healthcare providers to be immunized at the hospital clinic in the Highest Priority Group will include:

  • Medical First Responders such as Emergency Medical Services (EMS), firefighters and police
  • Community healthcare workers serving Indigenous populations
  • Community healthcare workers serving specialized populations, including needle exchange and home and community care

Healthcare providers in the Very High Priority Group to be immunized will include:

  • Community healthcare with high-risk exposure serving general population such as primary care, community-based specialists, dentistry, pharmacies and walk-in clinic staff
  •  Congregate settings such as Hospices, assisted living, supportive housing, corrections and shelters
  • Laboratory services

“We’re pleased that the hospital clinic’s work is expanding and that we’re entering the next phase in our fight against COVID-19 and in protecting our community,” said Linda Boich, Niagara Health EVP, Quality and Mental Health & Addictions, Executive Lead, Integrated Care. “We’ll continue to provide updates as this work proceeds, which will be based on availability of vaccine.”

Vaccinations are by appointment only and those eligible will be contacted directly to register for their appointment when it is time for their group to receive vaccinations.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding as this process unfolds based on the sequencing plan for healthcare workers<>. We will continue to provide regular updates on our website.<>

For information on the region’s mass immunization plan, please visit Niagara Region Public Health’s dedicated webpage:

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