Petitioning Ontario’s Ford Government to Save What is Left of Our Precious, Life-Sustaining Green Places

‘Once we pave over a wetland or farmland, we don’t get it back!’

A Call-Out to All of Us from Ontario’s Green Party

Posted February 19th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

This week, the Ford government announced they want to start consultations for the possibility of expanding the Greenbelt and then patted themselves on the back.


We enthusiastically support expansion of the Greenbelt.

But we know this announcement is just a smokescreen for the harm they are doing to the environment.

Since taking office, Doug Ford has been using his power to drive through developments that pave over wetlands and farmlands for the benefit of his big donor friends.

And he has taken advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to ramp up his attacks on the environment.

Once we pave over a wetland or farmland, we don’t get it back. And no possible expansion of the Greenbelt will bring back what we have lost.

                        Tell Ford to cancel Highway

How much more of our green spaces are we go to pave over with low-density urban sprawl driven by highways and cars?

Ford’s $6 Billion GTA West Highway 413 will just create more sprawl. We don’t need more sprawl. Ontario needs smart development that doesn’t destroy our natural infrastructure.

The GTA West Highway is a waste of money that puts our food security at risk – and according to experts, it will only save people 30 seconds on their commute.

Sign our petition today [3] and tell the Ford government to cancel their fiscally irresponsible and reckless GTA West Highway plan.

To sign your name to the Save Farmand Petition to Ontario’s Ford Government, click on – .

To read a recent News Release from Ontario’s Ford Government, expressing a goal to expand the province’s Greenbelt, click on – .

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