Farewell to One of Niagara’s Finest, Most Famous Felines

A Sad Goodbye to Tigger – Everybody’s Beloved Friend At Pet Valu Thorold

From Doug Draper, Niagara At Large

Posted February 8th, 2021

One of Niagara’s most beloved cats – Tigger. All photos here courtesy of Joe Krawchuk at Pet Valu Thorold in Niagara, Ontario

Maybe it is everything else we’ve all been going through with this ongoing pandemic, but I am having an extra hard time, as a hopelessly addicted lover of cats, writing this one.

It was about eight or nine days ago, when I flipped the ‘Tigger’ calendar in my little office at home from January and February, and said to my wife Mary and daughter Sarah; ‘Oh look, the calendar says it is Tigger’s birthday on February 8th. We will have to give him a virtual pet.’

As soon as I said it there were downcast eyes in the room. ‘We’ve been wondering how to tell you this,’ said Mary, ‘but Tigger died this January.’


I had just given him a few pets when I was in the Pet Valu store on Pine Street in Thorold, where he is the mascot extraordinaire and everyone’s best friend who goes in there. That was just a few days before Christmas and the most recent retail lockdown, to pick up a few things for our cat, Alice, and he seemed just fine.

Tigger, with his ever-so-popular calendar, from a photo taken by Pet Value staff near the end of 2020.

For at least some of you who have been following Niagara At Large regularly over the years, you may know that when I talk about Tigger, I do not mean the fictitious cat in the Winnie the Pooh stories.

I am talking about the majestic, orang-hair, green-eyed feline who drew so much love from everyone who walked through the door in that Thorold, Ontario pet store, and whose calendars, each year, became popular enough to raise quit a few dollars for animal assistance.

Tigger also had  and still has a popular Facebook page and after he died the staff of the Pet Valu store wrote a notice of his passing that, in part, said this –

“Everyone who ever met or spent any time with Tigger knows just how special he was. He was a smile on a bad day with a purr to melt your heart. He was a protector of kittens and a model extraordinaire. He was an attention hog who blocked the counter as you tried to put down your bags of food and litter. He was family.”

I could not have put it any better, and if you want to read more about Tigger, please visit his Facebook page (whre you can also see all of the memorial tributes coming in on him) by clicking on – https://www.facebook.com/petvaluthoroldTigger/

As the Pet Valu staff in Thorold also note, you can honour Tigger’s memory by donating to an animal assistance organization of your choice in Tigger’s name.

Finally, as people who have loved and suffered the loss of many wonderful feline friends ourselves, my heart, and the hearts of my wife Mary and daughter Sarah go out to the Pet Valu Thorold staff and to everyone else who continues mourning Tigger’s loss

RIP Tigger

Tigger, wearing a mask and making a statement about staying safe during the first wave of COVID-19 last year

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