Ford Government Continues to Give Bum’s Rush to Renewable Energy

Ford’s Budget Offers Billion-Dollar Subsidies to  Energy Pigs

A News Release from the Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Posted November 7th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

**You’re now helping to pay the electricity bills of Ontario’s biggest companies**

Why in hell would this Trump-like clown care about energy conservation and reneable energy in the middle of a globla climate emergency

This past week, the Ontario government unveiled whopping new subsidies for large electricity consumers. Taxpayers will now be shelling out $6.2 billion a year to lower electricity rates for businesses and consumers.

This subsidy is more than double what the previous government introduced, which Doug Ford said at the time was “the wrong thing to do.”

The Ford government’s new $6.2 billion subsidy will be responsible for 16% of Ontario’s $38.5 billion provincial deficit in 2020-21. Despite these massive subsidies for electricity consumption, residential electricity rates rose by 2% at the beginning of this month to help pay for the re-building OPG’s and Bruce Power’s aging nuclear reactors.

And get ready for more increases: According to OPG, its price for nuclear energy must rise by 74% by 2025 to pay for the Darlington Re-Build; Bruce Power’s price of nuclear energy could rise by an additional 57% to pay for the re-building of six of its reactors.

Why do anytning to reduce climate ravaging carbon emissions. Hey Ontario, this is what you voted for! This guy. Where are the people in this province who care about our childrens’ future on this planetl.

If Doug Ford wants to keep his promise to lower our electricity bills by12 per cent he must invest in energy efficiency and make a deal with Quebec for low-cost water power. Adding more taxpayer subsidies is just a way ofvdisguising the real problem of soaring nuclear costs.

You can learn more by reading our fact sheet: Defund Nuclear and Lower Our Electricity Bills by clicking on –<>

.*Send a letter to Ontario’s Minister of Finance, Rod Phillips, by clicking on – <>

.* Tell him to stop the continued drain of taxpayers dollars for nuclear rebuilds – we have lower cost ways to meet our electricity needs.


Please pass this message onto your friends. <>

– Angela Bischoff, Campaigns Director, Ontario Clean Air Alliance

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2 responses to “Ford Government Continues to Give Bum’s Rush to Renewable Energy

  1. The Conservatives en masse are trying to force an energy east pipeline to supply Quebec with oil. Quebec hold the position they are willing to trade but that means the west buys their overprice electricity for which they have no sale since the US cancelled their contracts.


  2. Further to my last unpublished post, Alberta’s power is owned by cities and the revenue from them goes back to the cities. To use pQ power would put us back into the dark ages.


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