Parks Police Rescues Teen from Rapids of Lower Niagara River

News from the Niagara Parks Police Service in Niagara, Ontario

Posted June 7th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

At approximately 1 p.m.on Saturday June 6th, 2020 the Niagara Parks Police Service along with Niagara Regional Police Service 2 District (Niagara Falls) uniform officers were called to the area of the Lower Niagara River Gorge in the City of Niagara Falls.

Rescue in progress over the churning waters of the Lower Niagara River. Photo courtesy of Niagara Parks Police

Parks Police responded following the report of a 16 year old male in distress in the swift waters in the vicinity of the Whirlpool.

Rescued teen is lifted to safety. Photo courtesy of Niagara Parks Police

In course of the rescue, a Niagara Falls firefighter decided to use his quick release to come off rope while assisting the male in distress. He was subsequently picked up by NRPS marine unit downstream and transported to hospital by Niagara EMS for assessment.

The other male was pulled from the rock he was stranded on by the Niagara Parks Police Service – High Angle Rescue Team (HART), with the assistance of Niagara Helicopters and transported to hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Members of the public are welcome to enjoy the natural and scenic environment the Niagara River Gorge trail system has to offer but are reminded to:

  • The Niagara Glen area above the rapids of the Niagara River Gorge is a great place to hike through if we follow the safety rules. File photo courtesy of Niagara Parks

    Stay on marked trails
  • Hike in daylight and with a friend
  • Wear suitable shoes and clothing
  • Bring a cellular telephone
  • Tell someone where they are going
  • Bring water and energy bars
  • Know your physical limits
  • Check weather conditions prior to hiking
  • Do not permit animals to be at large
  • Do not enter the waters of the lower Niagara River
  • Leave the grounds in its pristine natural state after your visit

“Safety is a Shared Responsibility”

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