A Beautiful Tribute to One of Niagara’s Best

A Celebration of the Life and Times of Wilma Morrison Makes the National News

You Can Watch this Tribute, Aired June 2nd on CBC TV’s The National, Below

A Brief Foreword Note from Doug Draper

Posted June 7th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

Wilma Morrison

After residents across this Niagara region learned of the death this past April 23rd of Wilma Morrison, the tributes began rolling out from long-time friends, from area politicians, from Brock University where she received an honorary degree a decade ago, and from members of the news media.

Each and every tribute for Wilma, who died at age 91 of complications from COVID-19, were well deserved for her many decades of work as a heritage advocate, as an archivist of Black history in the Niagara area, and as a dedicated contributor to the good of her community in Niagara Falls and the communities around her.

This past June 2nd, another tribute to Wilma, narrated by a good friend of hers, Ayodele Adewumi, appeared on CBC TV’s flagship news program, The National’, for a ‘Lives Remembered’ segment CBC has been doing on people who have suffered COVID-related deaths.

It is a beautifully produced tribute and thank you to another old friend of Wilma’s, Gail Benjafield, for alerting some of us to the fact that it was on.

For those who may have missed it or for those who may want to watch it again, please click on the screen immediately below –

To read a tribute we posted on Niagara At Large this May to our old friend Wilma Morrison, click on https://niagaraatlarge.com/2020/05/20/a-belated-goodbye-to-wilma-morrison-a-niagara-ontario-treasure/

To read a recent tribute that Brock University recently posted on Wilma Morrison, click on – https://brocku.ca/brock-news/2020/04/brock-mourns-long-time-friend-and-honorary-degree-recipient-wilma-morrison/

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