One of Niagara’s Great Naturalists and Environmental Activists is Honoured

One of the many feathered friends Marcie Jacklin and others are fighting to save a home for in the Waverly Woods in the Niagara, Ontario town of Fort Erie.

Long-time Field Naturalist Marcie Jacklin Receives Niagara Falls Nature Club’s  Top Conservation Award

R. W. Sheppard Award for 2020 presented virtually to Marcie Jacklin

News from the Niagara Falls Nature Club in Niagara, Ontario 

Posted April 27th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

A Brief Congratulatory Foreword by Doug Draper, Niagara At Large –

Through the 1980s and 90s, back in the days when The St. Catharines Standard had a full-time environment reporter and I was fortunate enough to be it, one of the people across this Niagara region who I was fortunate to meet was Marcie Jacklin, a resident of Fort Erie and long-time member of the Niagara Falls Nature Club.

Niagara, Ontario field naturalist extraordinaire Marcie Jacklin is honoured with Niagara Falls Nature Club award

A super nice, intelligent, community-minded person with a passion for nature, Marcie was not only into birding or “bird watching” as some would call it, she was actively involved in chronicling information about pollutions of bird species and the state of their habitat in Niagara – information that remains critically important for measuring the health of the environment we all need to survive, and to prosper over the long term.

Through annual bird counts and through other visits to what are left of Niagara’s precious meadows, wooded areas and wetlands, she has recorded information that has been invaluable to all of us who have fought over the years, and continue to save these precious natural places from the forces of ignorance and short-term greed.

Along with others on the Ontario side of the Niagara River and the New York side, she helped see the Niagara River receive international recognition, under the 1981Ramsar Convention recognized by the United Nations, as one of the world’s most significant areas for birds, including the incredible flocks of gulls and ducks and geese that make the Niagara River corridor a stopping area in the late fall and early winter.

A wide diversity of migrating gulls gather in the Niagara River corridor in the late fall of each year. Marcie Jacklin has been among those who have kept careful records of their numbers, which tell us a good deal that we need to know about the health of the watershed. Niagara Parks file photo

I still remember the big smile on her face the day a ceremony was held in December 1996, along the shores of the Niagara River, for the Ramsar designation.

And she remains actively involved in the ongoing fight in her hometown of Fort Erie, with a citizens group called Community Voices of Fort Erie, to save a beautiful natural area known as the Waverly Woods.

Like the Thundering Waters Forest in Niagara Falls, Waverly Woods is being targeted by a development corporation that by 2020, at this point in our history, and at a time when we need what are left of our  natural places to  help buffer us from threats like this COVID-19 plague – should know better

Inside Waverly Woods, near the shores of Lake Erie in Niagara, Ontario.

They should do the responsible thing an come up with plans and places for their asphalt and concrete that are more environmentally sustainable, or they should be made, by our political representatives, to pack their bags and leave. 

Marcie Jacklin has contributed so much through her volunteer work, and she continues to fight the good fight – always reminding people like me, who have covered, her efforts, that she has not done it alone.

She has always been generous about sharing any credit for what she has done with others, yet she certainly deserves to be singled out with this great honour from the Nature Club she has been a member of for so many years.

My congratulations to her and thanks for all of the valuable information she has shared with me over the years in my work as an environment reporter

– Doug Draper

Now here is the nice write-up from the Niagara Falls Nature Club on the award Marcie Jacklin has received –

Normally the conservation award of the Niagara Falls Nature Club is presented at our annual dinner meeting in April, when friends and colleagues gather to celebrate the best among us. With the adjustments to our routines necessitated by COVID-19, this occasion has been deferred to a more appropriate time.

Some news just won’t wait, and so it is that we announce that the R. W. Sheppard Award for 2020 is being presented virtually to Marcie Jacklin, to recognize and honour her for her contributions to the Niagara community in the field of nature.

Marcie’s passion for birding has led to her giving presentations to numerous nature clubs, as well as several libraries and service clubs, and to leading many bird watching hikes. She served as compiler for many years for Christmas Bird Counts and as director for the Buffalo Ornithological Society and the Ontario Field Ornithologists.

She helped with Niagara’s Natural Areas Inventories and wrote four chapters in Niagara Birds, edited by John Black and Kayo Roy. She studied the wellness of residents in a nursing home after bird feeders were installed.

Marcie is currently Chair of the Niagara Birding Conservation and Tourism Collaborative which is hoping to improve conditions for birds and birders visiting Niagara.

She is proud to be one of the founding members and President of Community Voices of Fort Erie, an incorporated group advocating for protecting Fort Erie’s critical natural and historical resources for the benefit of current and future residents and visitors to Fort Erie.

When in the future our lives move into the “new normal”, and we again gather to embrace our nature club family, we will complete this journey with the giving of the tangible plaque that marks the presentation of the R.W. Sheppard Award for Conservation to our dear friend and fellow member, Marcie Jacklin.

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3 responses to “One of Niagara’s Great Naturalists and Environmental Activists is Honoured

  1. Linda McKellar

    WELL DESERVED MARCIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Thank you, Marcie, for all your work to save Waverly Woods, to save habitat for birds and for all the help that you have given all of us who are learning about birds and how to identify them.


  3. I worked with Marcie when she worked at Carleton University Library. She always displayed determination in whatever she did. This determination has served her well. Always focused on birds and nature. She has inspired me with my nature stories for children. This award is well deserved. So proud of Marcie.


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