This “Ignorant, Arrogant Murdering Bastard” Is Risking the Lives of Us All!

On Both Sides of the Canada/U.S. Border, Trump Has Done Immeasurable Damage to Our Economies, to Our Shared Environment and to Our Lives

“Months after he could’ve acted, he sits there today refusing to send the full help that’s needed. … Trump, through stupidity or design, is out to kill us.”                                                                                     – Journalist and Academy Award-winning documentary film producer Michael Moore

“In the case of coronavirus, the Trump administration shelved the war plan, or pandemic “playbook,” prepared by the Obama administration. It disbanded the National Security Council office established to provide early warning and ensure preparedness, and disregarded the intelligence community’s warnings that a global pandemic was likely.

Former UN ambassador for the U.S. Obama administration, Susan Rice

Worse, the Trump team wasted two critical months, as the virus swept to our shores, before starting to send forces into battle. Its failure to act quickly, upon receiving warning in early January of a novel coronavirus, to create and distribute enough functional tests to track the disease, or to help states add hospital beds, procure critical equipment and recruit health care workers, ensured we started the fight trapped behind enemy lines.”                                                   – Susan Rice, former U.S. Ambassador to the United States during the Obama administration

A Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher           Doug Draper

Posted April 9th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

No thanks to what U.S. journalist and documentary film-maker Michael Moore rightfully calls that “ignorant, arrogant murdering bastard” now in the White House, our Canadian front-line health workers finally have the shipment of protective respirator masks from the 3M company that Trump and his fellow swamp creatures attempted to ban from coming here.

Shipments for 3M protective masks finally make it to Canada for our frontline health care workers after attempt by Trump to try to stop them.

These were masks that Canadian parties properly ordered from the 3M company by the way, and masks manufactured with raw material that came from Canada in the first place.

And yes, this April 8th, shipments of the masks were finally allowed to cross the border but only after several days of senior representatives in Canada, including the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Premier of Ontario, getting on the phones to counterparts in the Trump administration and apparently, all but getting down on their hands and knees begging them to let them through.

All of this precious time taken away from our leaders focusing on other life-and-death issues around what this killer virus is doing to peoples’ lives, just so that the “ignorant, arrogant murdering bastard” in the White House could do his tough-guy, put America first” act for the millions of angry, hate-filled xenophobic nitwits who continue to support him, even though their health and welfare is also now hanging in the balance.

Believe it or not, recent polls have shown that at least half of all Americans still approve of the job, or whatever you want to call it, that Trump is doing.

Trump pulled this garbage with the 3M masks about a week after another hair-brained idea he was finally forced to back off on – that of lining the Canada-U.S. border with military troops for God knows what reason other than to show the millions of zealots who follow him what a “strong man” he is. Yes, he was going to line the border with troops as if Canadians are among what he perceives to be the “enemies” bringing this virus to his country when, in fact, his conduct has done little or nothing but make the spread of the virus, and the sickness and death it is causing,  across the United States worse.

If anything, Trump’s ignorant, arrogant reckless actions have contributed to exacerbating the carnage Canadians are facing with COVID-19 here.

At any rate, and the millions of Americans who continue to support this bastard should feel ashamed, yet I kind of doubt they care – what a hell of a way to treat a good neighbour and friend that they are losing in Canada. And they are losing it if the feelings of anger and betrayal I am hearing from some of my fellow Canadians are any indication.

Here we have been, with many of our nurses and doctors crossing the border and risking their health even now, helping in hospitals in neighbouring states like New York and Michigan.

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the U.S. two decades ago, the Canadian government agreed to land commercial jets full of Americans in Canada when the U.S., fearful that some of these jets might also have been hijacked and might about to be used as missiles to destroy more life and property, was afraid to land them in country.

It was mostly the people of Newfoundland and Labrador that saw those commercial jets landing in Canada in the wake of the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon and Word Trade towers in New York, and they were kind enough to take the stranded American passengers into their homes.
And this is the thanks Canada gets.

During the recent days when Trump and company were holding up the shipment of protective masks, Dwight Ball, the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, expressed his disappointment this way –

After the 9/11 terrorists attacks in the U.S., Canadians took in thousands of stranded American airline passengers, including these folks shown here at the Gander International Airport in Newfoundland, and look at the thanks Canada now gets from Trumpland.

“In 2001, our province stepped up in the biggest way possible,” Ball told a news conference earlier this April. “When the United States was in crisis … Newfoundland and Labrador accepted with open arms thousands of people from around the world. With no questions asked, with no prompting, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians acted fast and did what was necessary.”

“Newfoundland and Labrador will never give up on humanity,” he concluded. “We would not hesitate for one second if we had to repeat what we did in 9/11. We would do it again.”

Where is the “humanity” in Trump and his millions of crazy supporters? Or is humanity a word that is too foreign for them.

This April 9th, on the American cable network MSNBC, Susan Rice, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations for the Obama administration, offered a blistering review of Trump’s conduct during this COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

I would say that everyone should watch this and listen carefully to what Susan Rice had to say, but I am sure Trump’s nuts would never take a moment away from the “alternative facts” they are being fed on Fox News.

You can listen to what Susan Rice had to say by clicking on the screen immediately below –

Now here is a recent commentary that Michael Moore posted on his Facebook page –

This White House Doesn’t Give Two Shits About You

By Michael Moore, from Michael Moore’s Facebook Page

Trump and the profit motive are murdering our doctors and nurses and citizens.

We’ve now been told that the National Stockpile of emergency equipment is there for the PRIVATE SECTOR to use to supply BUSINESS so that the PRIVATE SECTOR can SELL medical gear to hospitals for a PROFIT.

Michael Moore

That is what Pence and Jared Kushner and the Pentagon told the American people yesterday at the White House press conference.

Are we going to put up with this? What are we going to do?

This ignorant arrogant murdering bastard of a president must be removed from office — and we cannot wait until November. Every one of his enablers must be shut down too.

We must rise up. We must be heard. I will help in any way I can. A nonviolent mass movement of millions can shut these people down, can force them to do what we tell them to do.

Why wait until you’ve lost a loved one to act?

This White House doesn’t give two shits about you. They told you this pandemic was a “hoax. “ Trump told you this virus was “like the flu,” that it was nothing, that it would be gone just like that.

Months after he could’ve acted, he sits there today refusing to send the full help that’s needed, refusing to set up a national coordinated effort, refusing to declare a national lockdown, refusing even to keep his own hands off his own face. Trump, through stupidity or design, is out to kill us.

This sounds like it can’t be happening. It is. IT IS.

We need to use our collective smarts to survive. And we have no time. FEMA has just ordered another 100,000 body bags! They need a MILLION! Or more.

A 2017 film by Michael Moore

History is full of people who just stood by and did nothing. Sometimes because they were paralyzed by fear, sometimes because they just didn’t believe they could make a difference. This is one of those moments when you must not be frozen in place.

We’ve been told to “shelter in place.” But when that term is used in a school or mass shooting it means that once you shelter in place you must also immediately join with others to rush the shooter and take him down.

If you just sit there or hide under your theater seat, he is going to go up and down the aisle and shoot you like the sitting duck you are. Trump is his own psychopath and he will not change so that you can live.

Do you want to live? Do you want your parents and grandparents to live?

What are you willing to do? Not with a gun, but with your brain and your guts and your ability to organize others.

What is your idea? WHAT IS YOUR IDEA?

Tell me! Tell us! Post it here.

And then let’s organize and lead and ACT like our lives depended on it. Because they do.

To read a column on this subject by former U.S. United Nations Ambassador that appeared in the New York Times this April 7th, click on –

You can read more on Michael Moore’s Facebook page by clicking on –

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