Ralph Kramden Makes Quick Work of Trump

A Brief Commentary by Doug Draper (that maybe comes with a few laughs)

Posted April 7th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

At some of his recent meetings, Trump has elbowed Dr. Anthony Fauci and other health experts aside to declare that a “miracle” drug for the virus may be just around the corner

If you have put yourself through some of the same hell I have every day by watching Trump’s White House  press briefings (a.k.a campaign rallies), you might wish, right about now, and that one of the reporters would spring to their feet and give him proper hell.

Well maybe what we need is good ol’ Ralph Kramden in the room. Some of you might remember Ralph from that classic 1950s television series ‘The Honeymooners,” that they continued re-running for decade after decade on cable networks.

But even if you don’t remember Ralph, here is someone’s idea of how Ralph would react after a few minutes of Trump inflicting the world with his self-serving crap.

Click on the screen immediately below to watch –



Before I go, it was one of my favourite community activists in Niagara, Bob Milenkoff, from my old hometown of Welland, who was kind enough to share this video with me. Where he found it, I have no idea.

And by the way, before I go, just by coincidence one of my friends from Massachusetts shared the following Honeymooners-related cartoon on her Facebook page the other day.

Since we might  all be able use a bit of a laugh during these perilous times, you might like this one if you watched Ralph and Alice on the Honeymooners, and remember Ralph warning Alice that he’s going to send her to the moon – P.S. – One final comment on those self-serving Trump press briefings that are, for the most part, chuck full of misleading information that may even be dangerous to the extent that people out there take his views on this pandemic seriously.

And sad to say, there are millions of people out there who take this clown seriously enough that they are doing little or nothing to protect themselves and others from getting infected with this killer virus.

Why are the American networks carrying this garbage live?

Except for valuable information Dr. Fauci, one of the world’s most eminent infectious disease experts, can provide, if and when Trump allows him to speak (and that can easily be reported on, all by itself, later), all these so-called coronavirus briefings are mostly doing is giving Trump free air time to put on a ‘reality show’ for his nutty followers.

So much for physical distancing in Trumpland. As recently as the last full week of March,Trump used one of these briefings to declare that he wanted  the whole country open  and churches across it “packed” by Easter. The rescalating COVID-19 case and death counts have since forced him to push that dream forward to the end of April.

Margaret Sullivan, the former managing editor of The Buffalo New who is now a senior editor with The Washington Post, wrote a good column a couple of weeks ago, arguing against giving these Trump shows wall-to-wall live coverage.

To read it, click on – https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/media/the-media-must-stop-live-broadcasting-trumps-dangerous-destructive-coronavirus-briefings/2020/03/21/b8a2a440-6b7c-11ea-9923-57073adce27c_story.html

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“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders



3 responses to “Ralph Kramden Makes Quick Work of Trump

  1. Great post. I’m from Wisconsin. I scoured the front page of Fox News website for the debacle happening with the primary here today. Not a peep. I certainly hope our situation here is not what will be in store for us come November. Republicans know they only way they can win is if they suppress votes. It’s beginning to look like the SCOTUS may be determining our election. F*&k, I hope not.


  2. Gary Screaton Page

    Great parody of a terrible truth!
    Did you hear Tyrannical Trump tooting his dictator Trump-et? He claims “absolute power” as President! This control freak, Tyrannical Trump, thinks like the other dictators he calls “friends”: Putin, brutal Philippine leader, Rodrigo Duterte, Saddam Hussein, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un, among others. A sociopath at heart, Tyrannical Trump has the heart and soul of a dictator. Heaven help America! If Tyrannical Trump is reelected in the fall, the mean-ing of America will be complete. Trump already has a following of close to 40% of Americans. Consider this, Heinrich Müller began with only about 900 SS members. By war’s end, SS membership numbered more than 250,000! Watch out, Tyrannical Trump has a running start!


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