Another Message from a True Leader during These Perilous Times – New York State’s Governor Andrew Cuomo

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo

“No one should be talking about social Darwinism for the sake of the stock market. The first order of business is to save lives, whatever it costs.”                           – Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York

From the Office of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo

Posted March 25th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

A Brief Foreword Note from Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper –

I can’t imagine anyone who has access to cable television and has taken the time to watch New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s almost daily update briefings on the toll that COVID-19 is taking on his state and what his government is doing to address it, who has not been impressed with the strength and candor and passion that comes through in his words.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, at a March 24th news conference, where he updated citizens on the status of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak

No wonder so many are now looking at him as a model for how to lead during these times and have taken to calling him “America’s Governor.” What a contrast from the delusional buffoon now occupying the White House.

We on the Ontario side of the border should give the Governor of New York and his people all the support and well-wishes we can in fighting this war, because it is a war, because his state is one of our close neighbours and this killer virus respects no borders.

Now here are some of Governor Cuomo’s most recent words from his March 24th briefing –

Dear Fellow New Yorker,

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo at one of his recent news briefings on the status of the COVID-19 outbreak

I want to be clear: We are not willing to sacrifice 1-2% of New Yorkers to this virus. That’s not who we are. My mother is not expendable. Your mother’s not expendable. We will not put a dollar figure on human life. We can have a public health strategy that is consistent with an economic one. No one should be talking about social Darwinism for the sake of the stock market. The first order of business is to save lives, whatever it costs.

Here’s what else you need to know tonight:

1. We have some new facts about the pandemic that are not encouraging — and I want to make sure you understand them so we react accordingly. Unfortunately, the increase in the number of cases in New York is continuing — in fact, the rate of increase has gone up. We are now forecasting that the “apex” of the virus in our state — the point when we have the most cases — could be as soon as 14 to 21 days from now. New York State is doing everything we can on every level to slow the spread and flatten the curve, but we need your help. Please stay at home and follow our protocols. (Visit )

2. I’m asking the federal government to send more ventilators to New York. The state has procured about 7,000 ventilators but we still need at least 30,000 more. The federal government must distribute ventilators from their stockpile to our state, where there is the greatest need. We need them now — it will be the difference between life and death. After New York gets past the apex of this pandemic, I will transport the ventilators myself wherever they are next needed.

Governor Andrew Cuomo with Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City where many of the state’s confirmed cases of the virus are clustered

3. New York State is distributing health care supplies to help frontline workers combatting COVID-19 in New York City, Long Island and Westchester. The state is deploying 339,760 N-95 masks, 861,700 surgical masks, 353,300 gloves, 145,122 gowns and 197,085 face shields to the hospitals in the greatest need in these regions. This disbursement is on top of the one million N-95 masks that the State purchased and sent to New York City and the approximately 500,000 N-95 masks that the State purchased and sent to Long Island last week.

4. We are continuing to find new ways to build a health care staff reserve to meet surge capacity. The State Department of Financial Services is requesting that health insurance companies disclose the number of nurses and doctors who work for them (for example, to process claims). This is so the state can reach out to those employees and ask them to temporarily serve in the field during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

5. It is clear that the Coronavirus pandemic will have a real impact on gig-economy workers. They deserve protections now, which is why I am asking the federal government to provide unemployment assistance to New York’s “gig-economy” workers, farmers, independent contractors and others. I also signed an Executive Order waiving the 7-day waiting period for workers to claim unemployment insurance if you have been put out of work due to COVID-19. Learn how to file an unemployment insurance claim here:

Tonight’s “Deep Breath Moment”: Feeling cooped up?

One peak at the New York Botanical Garden. The way this usually works you can now likely click on the link below and  to the left any time and take this virtual  tour. of the city’s spring Orchid Show

At 12 pm tomorrow (this March 25th), the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx is giving a virtual “Orchid Show” while the Garden remains temporarily closed. Join the Facebook Watch Party here:

New York State Andrew Cuomo

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“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders

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  1. Toilet tissue with Trump’s face on every sheet is available from Amazon. Unfortunately Amazon is not shipping this great product to Canada.


  2. Pat Winstanley

    Hi, just a quick word of thanks for keeping up the good work of keeping us all informed. It is much appreciated.

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  3. Linda McKellar

    Too bad the Democratic ticket isn’t Cuomo/Franken 2020!


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