Ontario lost 24,200 Full-Time Jobs in October

Jobs in Manufacturing, Health Care Hit Hardest

A News Release from Ontario’s NDP and Official Opposition Party

Posted November 12th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

A Brief Foreword Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper –

Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his Conservatives have declared the province “open for business.” Okay, so why aren’t there more full-time jobs and living wages?

Did I miss hearing something in all of the “open for business” sermons coming out of Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his Conservatives over the past 16 months?

Without ever showing Ontarians any details or substantive plans or policies in the run-up to the June 2018 provincial election, Ford and company told us  they were going to make Ontario “open for business” by cutting red tape (code for tearing up labour safety, building code, planning and environmental rules and regulations) and cutting taxes for “job creators,” which is a totally misleading term the radical right and their supporters use for any business that donates money to their party.

And, oh yes, Ford and his “government for the people” crusaders followed through on a promise to cap the minimum wage at a rate that falls significantly below what has been calculated by Poverty Reduction Networks across Ontario, including Niagara’s network, to be a living hourly wage in most communities because as Ford and his minions put it, anything higher than a capped down poverty wage is “a job killer.”

So in the wake of all of this “business friendly” cutting, gutting and capping over the past 16 months, what is it with the latest October job figures from Stats Canada, discussed in the NDP news release below, and showing a substantial loss (some 24,000) of full-time jobs of the kind that support homes and families, and only a modest increase in part-time jobs that often come with no benefits and little or no guarantee that the job will still be there for a person next week?

Could it be that not all businesses are “job creators,” but that at least some businesses simply take whatever money they gain from cuts in taxes and red tape, and put it in their principle owners and shareholders pockets? And could it be that rather than killing jobs, paying people a living wage (as has been shown in a number of studies in other jurisdictions) stimulates local economies because people take that money and spend it in their communities.

However, when you have right-wing populists like Ford and his bunch selling enough people to get him elected on junk economics that is also not working for a good number of everyday people anywhere else, you can end up with a jobs report like the one we in Ontario have for this past October.

– Doug Draper, Niagara At Large

Now here is the NDP’s news release and critique on that October jobs report –

QUEEN’S PARK – According to last month’s Labour Force Survey, Ontario shed 24,200 full-time jobs in October. These full-time losses were offset by a modest gain of 8,000 part-time jobs. NDP Economic Growth and Job Creation critic Catherine Fife said she is worried that the job losses reflect an economy that isn’t working for everyone.

Ontario’s most significant job losses were in manufacturing and health care – which translated into 2,700 jobs lost in Oshawa and 2,900 jobs lost in Guelph.

“Ontario’s manufacturing sector lost 17,500 jobs last month,” Fife said. “Those are good, mortgage-paying jobs you can raise a family on. In Thunder Bay alone, 200 Bombardier jobs will be lost today. That means tens of thousands of families are hurting right now, worrying about how they’re going to keep the heat on and put food on the table.

“In health care, a whopping 9,400 jobs gone means longer waits and more overcrowding in hospitals – and Doug Ford’s cuts are going to keep coming.

“Under the Liberals, Ontario lost 300,000 manufacturing jobs, and health care was left hanging by a thread. Instead of fixing those problems, it looks like Doug Ford is putting Ontario on the path from bad to worse.”

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One response to “Ontario lost 24,200 Full-Time Jobs in October

  1. Gary Screaton Page

    We didn’t lose the one we most needed to lose: Rob Ford’s job!!
    How low can we go? Looking and working more and more like a Donald Trump wanna be, Ford is proving a disaster for Ontario. He got rid of over 400 health care jobs and appointed friends to high-paid positions. He also made big cuts to taxes for the bigger corporations and wealthiest in the province. As he is one, how self-serving is that!
    No, job cuts should have started at the top of the provincial food chain.


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