You Are Invited to a Public Forum on Racism, Discrimination and Oppression in our Niagara region

Wednesday, November 13th at 8 p.m. at the  St. Catharines Central Library. The Forum is open to all and  Free of Charge

Posted November 11th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

A Brief Foreword Note from NAL publisher Doug Draper –

With all of the recent discussion and controversy over some racist language aimed at Indigenous people who participate in an annual deer hunt in Short Hills Provincial Park in Niagara, this public forum, organized before that troubling episode occurred, could not be more timely and important.

So try, if you can, to attend this forum if you can and join in a discussion aimed at making our communities more welcome and peaceful for everyone.

On Wednesday November 13th , at 8 p.m. the  Niagara District Council of Women will hold a public forum on racism, discrimination and oppression.

Now here is News about the Public Forum from the Niagara District Council of Women – 

Niagara is not immune to racism, discrimination and oppression – a most  disturbing  fact  recognized by Niagara Regional Councillors as they voted recently  to join the Canada-wide  Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities , such as Hamilton, London and Windsor.

Niagara District Council of Women, strongly supports this action , and as  its President, Gracia Janes notes:  “  From  press reports of an  ever-growing platform of hateful messages on the internet and   graffiti  on private fences, to school yard bullying and  personal experiences , this blight is now clearly in the public’s view and needs remedying quickly and strongly.”

Forum panelists  – Nona Bader, of the  Niagara Anti-Racism Association, Laura Ip, Niagara Regional Councillor, Nyarayi Kapisavanhu, ED Tools of Empowerment for Success, and Saleh Wazirudden, Chair  City of St. Catharines’ Anti-Racism Committee have experienced, and /or closely observed  racism, discrimination and oppression, and  are working together to counter this growing blight and  to create an inclusive  society here in Niagara.

For more information on the very good community work of the Niagara District Council of Women, click on – .

For an earlier post on this event, click on –

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2 responses to “You Are Invited to a Public Forum on Racism, Discrimination and Oppression in our Niagara region

  1. I see your new post is about discrimination. Is Don Cherry going to be the speaker? 🙂


  2. So sad to see so many pro-hunt groups doing little more than using the “racist card” and their own personal and ideological agendas to support the ILLEGAL” hunt” at Shorthills; no amount of political correctness and historical revisionism can alter the facts and the truth; for starters, there is no UNCEDED LAND OR TREATY which would allow this travesty of a slaughter to continue; there is also no “inherent rights” of one group of Canadians over any other group in this country and the various other fraudulent claims can also be addressed; but what is really needed is a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT filed in the Ontario Superior Court to challenge these repeated falsehoods and one can be certain that the Haudenosaunee have their lawyers ready to respond; it will be a costly but long overdue fight but has to happen if only to atone for the loss of so many innocent lives…


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