Niagara Regional Council Adopts New Planning Policies That Encourage Healthier And More Vibrant Communities

‘The long-term vision … is to help municipalities be proactive in planning for safe and efficient transportation system for all users, with an emphasis on public transit and active transportation modes.’

News from Niagara’s Regional Government

Posted October 28th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Niagara Regional Headquarters

Niagara, Ontario – This October, Niagara Regional Council adopted an amendment to existing transportation policies that encourage improvements to the overall design of new neighbourhoods, helping communities maximize their potential and become attractive places to live and work.

Regional Official Plan Amendment (ROPA) 13 ensures higher level transportation policies in the Regional Official Plan are aligned with recommendations of the Region’s approved 2017 Transportation Master Plan, and that they are consistent with current provincial legislation.

Through new policies and mapping, this planning update advances active transportation networks (i.e. modes like walking and cycling), interconnected public transit systems, and efficient goods movement networks, and address the following key areas:

  • * ​Co-ordinated transportation system planning
  • * Public transit
  • * Active transportation
  • * Complete streets
  • * Transportation demand management
  • * Regional road system
  • * Goods movement

With Council’s adoption, the planning document will now be submitted to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for final approval.

Updated transportation policies will ensure best practices are consistent across the region.

Region hopes to make Niagara’s communities more friendly for public transit. file photo by Doug Draper

The long-term vision of both the Transportation Master Plan and Regional Official Plan Amendment 13 is to help municipalities be proactive in planning for safe and efficient transportation system for all users, with an emphasis on public transit and active transportation modes.

Better managed street design help promote a positive urban experience. They also improve social equity, protect short- and long-term economic competitiveness, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


“Regional Council adopted this Official Plan amendment as it aligns with our vision for healthy and vibrant communities in Niagara. We are focused on responsibly managing our growth while ensuring we are planning for the infrastructure that will be needed to effectively move people and goods around Niagara.” ~ Jim Bradley, Regional Chair

“Niagara Region strives for innovation in our planning process and I believe the framework put in place within ROPA 13 will 4ut us on the path towards a more connected region, while retaining our authentic community character and promoting a great urban experience.” ~ Rino Mostacci, Commissioner, Planning and Development Services

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