A Sign of the Times in Trumpland

And the Time for this Ravenously Corrupt, Climate-Denying, Hate-Filled Monster May, At Long last,           Be Running Out

A Brief Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted September 23rd, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Does the headline here say ‘Trumpland’?

Well, it is hardly Trumpland any more if this sign, displayed along a well-trafficked road, on the front lawn of a home on Cape Cod Massachusetts, and that I happened to see on my visit here is any indication.

I talked to the homeowner before taking a few photos of the sign and she told me she has received countless thumbs’ up and requests from people on where they can get one. (She ordered her sign on Amazon.)

The good news is that I have hardly talked to a person down here who has any use for this monster any more. I know that Massachusetts is a relatively liberal region of the United States, but people from all over the country come here.

And the sense I get from talking to people from Massachusetts to upstate New York is that the jig is up and there is a super strong desire to dump Trump A.S.A.P.., which is an absolutely necessary thing to do for the future of country, for Canada, and the rest of the world.

Here is hoping.

Just a quick P.S.

You know that Trumps is circling the drain when you go to a store in his country and they are selling Donald Trump Toilet Cleaning Brushes and toilet paper with an image of his face on each sheet. “Are people buying these,” I asked. “We are selling lots of them,” a store employee said.

Like the sign above, there was a letter to the editor in The New York Times this past September 19th, that does a beautiful job of summing up the feelings expressed by many people I have crossed paths with in upstate New York and Massachusetts over the past week and a half.

The letter, written by someone from the State of Washington, is a response to a column published in The New York Times by former U.S. President Barrack Obama’s campaign manager and, later, White House chief of staff David Axelrod, who argued that perhaps the best strategy for Democrats is to “let Trump self-destruct.”

The letter to the editor had this to say –

“While I thoroughly agree with David Axelrod in his assessment of President Trump, he neglects one factor. I honestly believe that what will beat Mr. Trump is the exhaustion factor. Every single week, there are at least two, sometimes three, new dramas to deal with, along with multiple tweets of insults and some lies.

Trump mocks a disabled New York Times reporter during one of his rallies

“I have a life. You have a life. We all have important things to accomplish and deal with daily. This weekly reality show is not on my list and, I believe, is not on the list of more and more people each day.

“His endless need for attention is disturbing and downright intrusive. We need a government that works for us and keeps us informed of issues, not spats, not insults, not anger. Mr. Trump is running America like his very own therapy session. America needs solutions, not endless, tiresome controversy, and cheesy drama.”

Amen, I say. And for the sake of the whole planet, we cannot see the back of this corrupt, morally bankrupt monster soon enough.

Now, what are we Canadians going to do in our October 21st federal election?

I will have more to say on that when I return home.

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“A politician thinks of the next election. a leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders

One response to “A Sign of the Times in Trumpland

  1. Quote: “America needs solutions, not endless, tiresome controversy, and cheesy drama.”

    In my view the same, in a slightly different form, also applies to Canada,


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