Two Upcoming Events You Can Attend in Niagara for Our Earth and Climate Action

Greta Thunberg, left, marches with thousands of others ahead of a first of a kind Youth Climate Summit that the United Nations is hosting in New York City this September 21st

“We demand a safe future. Is that really too much to ask for?”     – from an address by 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg at a New York City rally this September 20th, as millions of people around the world went out on “strike” for climate action ahead of a United Nation’s sponsored Youth Climate Summit this September 21st

A Brief Commentary by Doug Draper

Posted September 21st, 2019 on Niagara At Large

In what may be the largest global demonstration of its kind for protecting our earth’s environment, literally millions of people around the world took part in “strikes” this September 20th for climate action.

The growing size of these demonstrations, expected to continue in communities and countries around the world in the weeks and months ahead, raise hope that upcoming elections in Canada (we have a federal election this October 21st) and in the United States next year will be used to sweep those politicians not committed to act decisively NOW on the climate emergency out of office.

Climate deniers and laggards in public office can no longer be tolerated given the seriousness of the threat to survival that the world faces today.

If you did not participate in any of the climate strikes that took place or that should have taken place in your community or in communities near you this September 20th, here are posters for two upcoming events in St. Catharines, Niagara that you can participate in.

The first is a Climate Strike demonstration outside  St. Catharines City Hall in downtown St. Catharines this coming September 27th  –












The second is a climate change debate for candidates running in the St. Catharines riding in the October federal election, scheduled for October 2nd

Here is a news release on the October 2nd candidates debate on climate –

Here is a news release on the October 2nd candidates debate on climate –


St. Catharines, Ontario – Climate is this Federal election’s key issue, and we want to know where our candidates stand. 

Green New Deal Niagara, and its partners (including  KAIRO Niagara, St. Catharines Council of Women, Peace and Development, and Extinction Rebellion, want residents of the St. Catharines riding to know who their climate champions are when they go to the polls next month. 

Established in May 2019, Green New Deal Niagara is a grassroots organization building capacity for bold climate action. We are currently engaged in a few community-based initiatives focused on building awareness around the climate crisis, and the strategies we need to take individually, collectively and at all levels of government, to ensure a sustainable planet for future generations. 

“With the next Federal election just around the corner, we engaged some community partners and together we are coming together to organize a Climate-focused candidates’ debate,” says, Rhonda Barron, executive member of Green New Deal Niagara. 

According to a recent poll, 42% of Canadians see climate change as a national emergency. Climate change also ranked second highest when asked about issues facing Canadians. Seventy percent of those polled also expressed their support for a Green New Deal, a strategy for a transition away from fossil fuels as well as major investments in green infrastructure. 

“We’ve already reached some of the tipping points so there’s no time to waste,” says Jane Hanlon, past Executive Director of Greening Niagara. 

The Climate-focused MP candidates’ debate takes place Wednesday October 2, 7-8:30pm at the Warehouse located at 11 Geneva St. All are welcome to this free event. Green New Deal Niagara encourages attendees to submit questions upon arrival.

Speaking about communities around the world holding climate strike demonstrations this September 20th, here is a group that this reporter met while in the Town of Brewster in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. They waved signs to cars passing them on the town’s busy Main Street in front of the First Parish Brewster Unitarian Universalist Church. Photo by Doug Draper

For more on the international Youth Climate Summit taking place in New York City this September 21st, click on –

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“A politician thinks of the next election. a leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


4 responses to “Two Upcoming Events You Can Attend in Niagara for Our Earth and Climate Action

  1. Quote: “Climate deniers and laggards in public office can no longer be tolerated given the seriousness of the threat to survival that the world faces today.”

    In my view a similar approach is needed, in Canada at least, concerning jobs and the economy and the treatment of whistleblowers who report corporate wrongdoing. These are also linked, directly or indirectly, with action in the form of projects to control climate change and limit global warming. Even if you leave climate change and global warming out of the picture, fossil fuel reserves are finite – and we can’t continue to behave as if they are not, so we still have to implement green energy projects on a much bigger scale than at present in order to eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

    Thank you, Mr. Doug Draper, for giving the world-wide climate change issue the prominence that it needs in your Niagara At Large news platform.

    I submit that the other issues I’ve referred to have the same importance and in Canada we could and should all be working to set an example for the world to follow.

    Robert T. Chisholm
    Associate Member, OSPE

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Odd how every collectivist Revelation requires politicians to send men with guns out to enforce a “solution” that is inherently coercive. The coercive action is warranted by hobgoblins that are entirely imaginary–like the War on Plant Leaves that set the example for this witchhunt.


    • The question is:

      What are the solutions that are actually necessary, given the known facts and cause-and-effect relationships? I suggest we keep terms like “witchhunt”, “collectivist Revelation”, “coercive” and “hobgoblins” out of the discussion because I don’t think they are of any help in devising solutions to all this.

      Robert T. Chisholm
      Associate Member, OSPE


  3. Mr. Hank Phillips appears to be commenting on a different article — or living on a different planet altogether, if he imagines there has been any call for “men with guns” to tackle the climate crisis. On a more rational note: readers interested in participating in the Climate Strike in St. Catharines on Friday should note the change of venue to the ST. CATHARINES LIBRARY. (Apparently City Hall is going to be very busy on Friday with several different activities, including — I kid you not — a game of croquet.)


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