American Woman …. Stay Away from Me!

“I don’t need your war machines
I don’t need your ghetto scenes
Coloured lights can hypnotize
Sparkle someone else’s eyes
Now woman, get away from me
American woman, mama let me be.”

  • Lyrics from American Woman, the number one, 1970 hit by the Canadian rock band, The Guess Who

A Brief Commentary by Doug Draper, followed by a link to an epic live performance of ‘American Woman’ by The Guess Who

Posted July 4th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

By 1970, The Guess Who was already on a chart-busting streak like no other rock band from Canada had experienced up to that point with hits that had made America’s Top 40 Billboard list like ‘These Eyes’, ‘No Time’, ‘Laughing’ and ‘Undun’.

When ‘Americana Woman ‘, the title track for the band’s  third RCA album, was released as a single in March of 1970, protests against the ongoing War in Vietnam were in full tilt on campuses and in the streets of cities across the United States. And on May 4th of that year, four students were shot and killed during anti-war demonstrations on the campus of Kent State University in Ohio.

‘American Woman’, which was not about a woman at all but about an America mired in a controversial war and looking for some support from its Canadian neighbour, soared up the Billboard charts to Number One and remained on the charts into the summer.

With the Lincoln Memorial in the background – for many Americans from days gone by, a symbol of freedom, equality and peace – Trump’s inner tin-pot dictator militarizes Washington, D.C. for the Fourth of July – possibly a message to the world that he is ready to kick ass with bullets and bombs if he feels like it.

With Trump in the White House and all of his reckless sabre rattling, his slams on Canada with damaging tariffs and the declaring of Canada (for reasons that possibly make sense only to him) as a “national security threat,” the song seems relevant again.

So on this Fourth of July in the U.S., with Trump militarizing Washington D.C.’s celebrations with tanks in the streets and fighter planes flying overhead, Niagara At Large is posting the following video of The Guess Who doing a very hot, lengthened version of ‘American Woman’ at a reunion concert it performed in the band’s hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba one stormy night in June, 2000.

Click on the screen immediately below to watch and to listen –

Also for this Fourth of July, here is a great commentary by Mchaal A. Cohen, a columnist for The Boston Globe (not to be confused with the former Trump lawyer now sitting in jail for crimes he engaged in allegedly with you-know-who), titled ‘A Fraught Forth’ –

“Today is July 4th and every year on America’s birthday, the National Park Service hosts a celebration on the National Mall that is purposely non-political, non-military and, above all, fun.

But because Donald Trump has to damage everything that makes America great, he’s taking aim at July 4th too.

At least one American woman is saying no to Trump ordering tanks into Washington for the Fourth of July

The president is obsessed with projections of “strength.” As a result he’s decreed that Washington’s celebrations will bdefined by a display of American military might – tanks, military hardware, an expanded fireworks display, and flyovers (including Air Force One).  The only thing missing are a few random ICBMs by the reflecting pool.

While in the past, presidents have stayed away from the Mall celebration, Trump will be delivering a speech at the Lincoln Memorial, tickets for which are being distributed by the White House to Republican donors and political appointees. In effect, the whole event is being turned into a campaign-style rally for the president and the GOP.” ….. (to be continued).

To read the entire commentary, click on –

Also, here is a link to the commentary Doug Draper from Niagara At Large posted on the mess in America on this Fourth of July that was posted here earlier this July 4th. You can read it by finding it on the Niagara At Large site by clicking on http://www.niagaraat large or clicking on the following directly link to the commentary – .

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“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders



2 responses to “American Woman …. Stay Away from Me!

  1. “Instead of tanks & planes , why not use the money to help those in cages living like animals without proper food. water & housing????????”


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