Ford to Reward Ontario’s Hunters with Free Hats for Blowing Away Animals and Turning In Pelts

Turn in an animal hide to Ford government authorities and get your made-in-Ontario hat!

Province’s  “Government for the People” is Making Ontario More Open for Destroying Wildlife

“Our government supports Ontario’s hunters and recognizes that they are good stewards of our resources. … Hats for Hides supports thousands of hunters across Ontario, by making life easier and reducing waste.” – some of the most recent garbage coming out of the mouths of Ford government MPPs

A News Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted May 14th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

“Hey, Bungalow Bill
What did you kill
Bungalow Bill?”

  • from The Beatles song, ‘The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill’

Let me begin by asking  my fellow Ontarians something.

Not the 2.3 million people across the province who voted for Doug Ford and his extreme right-wing band of crazies in last June’s provincial election. They knew what kind of bully and ignoramus Doug Ford was, or at least they should have from his highly publicized Ford Nation days in Toronto, before they voted for him. So they deserve everything they get.

Let Ford and his morally bankrupt caucus and cabinet gut all of their health care services if they want to cram money back in their pockets.

Just please leave the rest of us alone!

How much more of this dangerous ignoramus’s reckelss madness do we have to put up with?

I am putting this question to the three million fellow Ontarians who had the presence of mind a year ago this spring to vote for someone else.

Do we really have to put up with another three years of this? Is there any way we can start something in the area of impeachment proceedings so that we can take back our province and save our future from this dangerous clown?

Here is is slashing provincial funding for re-planting trees  and for a core need like flood management  during one of the most destructive seasons for flooding in Ontario’s history – an episode of epic proportions that will cost victims of the flooding and our economy countless billions of dollars while Ford and his minions  stupidly brags about saving a few million dollars a year on programs that can at least help reduce the amount of damage and destruction from floods.

Ford and his minions lie almost daily about cutting costs at the provincial level that they claim is ‘putting money back in ordinary folks’  pockets’ – even while they are downloading the costs for those cuts to health care, to education, to transit, to public libraries and to other key services on municipalities across Ontario and on people themselves where those on low and fixed incomes, including seniors and young people who are working to put themselves through school, are hit the hardest.

Meanwhile, those at the top of the wealth ladder are benefiting the most from tax and service cuts at the provincial level, and to all the gutting to rules and regulations (what Ford refers to disparagingly as “red tape”) that get in the way of them enriching themselves all the more.

But hey, the news isn’t all bad.

A case of this would go nice on a hunting trip, wouldn’t it? Or how about pounding a few back before jumping in the SUV and racing down the QEW?

You’ve got cheaper gas and one buck beer if you can find it, and now you are going to be able to saddle up to a bar in Ontario and start getting boozed up at 9 a.m. in the morning before you can get on a stretch of highway like the QEW between St. Catharines and Hamilton and drive even faster with fewer police around, because Ford just announced that he is increasing speed limits on at least some 400-series highways and cutting the budget for the Ontario Provincial Police.

I could already fill a book with all of this nightmarish nonsense, but here is the latest, outlined in a news release circulated by Ford Nation this May 14th.

Now the Ford government wants to give people who go out and hunt animals and other wildlife and turn in their pelts or their hides to Ontario’s so-called Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (from here on, I’m tempted to call it the ministry for exploiting and plundering the province’s natural resources) a hat.

But not just any hat!

Should we let this one go or blow him away and turn in the hide for a nice hat?

This is a made-in-Ontario hat with a logo bearing an image of a moose or a big buck deer on it. And along with a hat, our hunting heroes will also be able to purchase at what the Ford government calls ‘any  participating “hats-for-hides” outlet across the province a nice pair of orange or green sheepskin or deerskin leather gloves.

Isn’t that rich?

We’ve got a government in Ontario that is planning to declare a shooting war on cormorants in the Great Lakes basin, and is weakening rules for protecting wildlife habit and is in the process of weakening the Endangered Species Act, and just last week had members going out on the lawns of Queen’s Park talking to a crowd of anti-abortion nuts about saving fetuses.

We’ve got a government in Ontario that, on top of all of that and more,  is  now planning to give some hero that goes out with a high-power weapon and blows the brains out of a deer or a moose or a bear and turns in the pelt a free hat!

When does all of this dangerous and destructive madness end, folks!

Those of us who were at least smart enough not to vote for this reckless, border-lining on criminally negligent band of neo cons and crypto-fascists have got to stand up and stop this wrecking train now.

In the meantime, and just in case you thought I was making all of this up, here is the news release on the Ford horde’s brand new ‘hats-for-hides” program –

Ontario Newsroom  News Release

Ontario Invests In Hats For Hides Program

May 14, 2019

Making it easier for hunters to be responsible stewards

The Ontario Government is working for the people by making it easier for hunters to be responsible stewards of our natural resources.

Here is an interesting one from the new Hats-for-Hides selection. This one looks like it has fake bullet holes in it. Is that for laughing at before or after you’ve belted back a few cans of buck a beer? You’d have to hit me in the head with far more bullets than that before I’d vote for any of the dangerous dopes in this government.

Today John Yakabuski, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, along with Jeff Yurek, MPP for Elgin-Middlesex-London, announced that the province is investing $100,000 in a made-in-Ontario business that encourages responsible harvesting and contributes to the province’s hunting industry.

“Our government supports Ontario’s hunters and recognizes that they are good stewards of our resources,” said Yakabuski. “We want to work with hunters to ensure no part of their harvest is wasted while supporting a local business and local jobs.”

The Hats for Hides program <>, operated by BRT Provisioners, supports good hunting practices by collecting hides from hunters in exchange for a hat or a crest, ensuring resources are not wasted and can be sold as goods.

Hides collected support Indigenous artisans and local jobs producing locally sourced products made and sold in Ontario. The government is pleased to show support for small businesses like BRT Provisioners and is working hard to make life easier for hunters.

And don’t forget to purchase a pair of those deerskin leather gloves

“Hats for Hides supports thousands of hunters across Ontario, by making life easier and reducing waste,” said Yurek. “The program gives a positive alternative to casting off unwanted hides.”

“Our government recognizes the importance of Ontario’s hunting industry and is committed to making things better for hunters,” said Yakabuski.

“We have frozen hunting licence fees and we’re currently reviewing how moose are managed in Ontario to make hunting fairer, and more accessible for hunters. The Hats for Hides program is one more way we are supporting hunters and ensuring a sustainable hunting industry for years to come.”


  • * Hunting contributes over $431 million to Ontario’s economy annually.
  • * Freezing fishing and hunting licences and removing the service fee will keep approximately $4.3 million in the pockets of hard-working hunters and anglers.
  • * Ontario invested $1.1 million in the Ontario Fur Managers Federation to support the trapping education program and licence services for Ontario’s trappers and trapping instructors.

Just in case you missed the link for the ‘Hats-for-Hides’ program embedded in the news release above and want to click on it, here is the link again – <>.

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


One response to “Ford to Reward Ontario’s Hunters with Free Hats for Blowing Away Animals and Turning In Pelts

  1. Considering the state of our local provincial park (Shorthills) with overflowing garbage, broken bridges, an abundance of poaching and unkempt trails – it’s quite alarming that the Ministry would choose to fund such a program. Why not a little bit more money for upkeep of our parks??


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