Doug Ford’s “Government for the People” looks at Changing Slogan on Ontario Licence Plates

The Slogan “Yours To Discover” May Go. How about one of Ford’s favourites – “Open For Business” – as a Replacement?

Some Brief Commentary from Niagara At Large reporter and publisher  Doug Draper, with a News Release from Ontario’s Official Opposition and New Democratic Party

Posted April 2nd, 2019 on Niagara At Large

An Ontario licence plate with the time-honoured ‘Yours To Discover’ logo on it.

I posted the following media release from the Ontario NDP, along with a little commentary from me this April 1st, underneath a  fictional story that I spun as an April Fool’s joke, and I think this news, about a possible significant change to what appears on the licence plates the province issues to vehicle owners after 35 years of the plate reading “Ontario – Yours To Discover” may have got lost in the joke.

The fact is that the news that Ontario’s Ford Government may be looking at changing the slogan on the plate from “Yours To Discover” to possibly “Open For Business” began circulating this past Friday, March 29th and is no April Fool’s joke.

Indeed, at least some Ontario citizens and some political critics fear that Ford may be looking at putting words on the licence plate that serve, in some barely disguised way, as political advertising for his party and its programs.

Here is a news release on the issue, this one circulated this March 29th, by Ontario’s Official Opposition/New Democratic Party –

Ontario Premier Doug Ford at the unveiling of one of many ‘Open for Business’ signs across the province last year.

QUEEN’S PARK — NDP Official Opposition MPP Catherine Fife released the following statement on news that Doug Ford is planning to redesign Ontario licence plates to force on his “open for business” campaign slogan onto Ontario vehicles:

“Doug Ford’s ridiculous scheme to turn vehicles into political billboards is a new low in self-serving electioneering. Redesigning our licence plates to be Ford ads is a colossal waste of money. This is a bizarre ego-driven attempt to turn every licence plate into a Ford vanity plate.

Our licence plates should be a symbol of what Ontario has to offer — including our stunning natural environment — not a billboard for a petty premier that puts partisan interests above people.”

A Few Final  Editorial Comments on this from NAL reporter Doug Draper –

How about this for a new Ontario licence plate slogan?

Well maybe not on the side of a truck or a car, but how about this slogan on your truck or car’s licence plate? Would that be okay with you?

Along with the Ford government’s ‘Open for Business’ mantra – one that has been used by many a far-right government in the past as code for gutting any and all rules and regulations that stand in the way of profits at any cost to the environment, wages and benefits, safe working conditions, etc. – how about at least retaining a variation on the time-honoured ‘Yours to Discover,’ slogan?

Incorporate it into a licence plate that reads; “Ontario – Open For Business. Yours to Pollute, Plunder and Pave Over.”

Now there is a licence plate message that would at least be honest, and would leave no question what Ontario, under the Ford’s self-described “Government for the People,” is all about.

There were some commentators on a CBC Radio program this April 2nd who said it might be a good idea, at a time when at least some of us are experiencing a re-awakening when it comes to the need to protect our environment, to go back to an old slogan that was on the Ontario plate prior to the introduction of “Yours To Discover” in the early 1980s.

The slogan that went back to an era that spawned the first Earth Day

That slogan was “Ontario – Keep It Beautiful.

It is a great idea. This veteran environment reporter certainly likes it. But, frankly, I cannot see a Ford  government  that has such an obvious antipathy when it comes to protecting and conserving our environment, bringing back that one.

I am placing my bets on “Open For Business” or something very much like it.

If you have any suggestions on what should go on Ontario licence plates, please share them below. We will post them as long as you can keep them relatively clean.

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


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  1. Glad to see he’s got his priorities straight. NOT!


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