Trump Administration Introduces New Requirement for Canadian Border Crossers

New Requirement Follows in the Wake of Ongoing Crackdowns at the U.S./Mexico Border

A News Brief from Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted April 1st, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Starting this May, Canadians crossing into the United States by truck or car will be issued bumper stickers by homeland security officers, stamped with a red maple leaf and reading; “Canadians for Donald Trump.”

The issuance of the bumper sticker, according to a news release from the U.S. government, will come with a warning to everyone who owns a vehicle bearing a Canadian licence plate that if the stickers are not displayed where they can be clearly viewed on the back bumpers of their truck or car by July 4th of this year, they may be turned around at the border and not allowed to enter the United States.

President Donald Trump looking not too interested in shaking Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s hand at a G7 Summit in Quebec last June, 2018. Around the same time, Trump’s special trade advisor, Peter Navarro, went on a rant about trade with Canada and stated that there is “a special place in hell” waiting for Trudeau, a shot that inspired some Canadians to boycott buying U.S. made products.

The directive for this comes from the office of Trump’s Secretary for Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen,  who was recently dressed down by media critics in her country after telling members of a U.S. congressional committee that what she insisted on calling “detention space” or “areas of the border facilities” that refugee children taken from their mothers at the U.S.-Mexico border are placed in are better than dog cages because they are “larger” provide the children “enough space to sit, to stand (and) to lay down.”

In contrast to cages and Trump’s plans to build a wall along the entire length of the U.S.-Mexico border, not to mention the president’s most recently threat to shut down all traffic at that border in an attempt to stave off “an invasion of drug dealers, murderers and rapists,”  a source for the U.S. government said Canadians should feel relieve that all they are being asked to do is attach to their truck or car a simple bumper sticker that they will be made to pay for at a cost per sticker of $5 U.S. (or 328 Russian Rubles).

There may also be an incentive in this for Canadians, said the U.S. government source. If the rate of compliance on the bumper stickers is high enough, added the source, it could prove flattering enough for Trump to lift the tariffs on steel and aluminum, along with the “national security threat” designation his administration slapped on Canada last year.

The bumper sticker measure at the Canadian border is just one part of what the Trump administration is introducing as a “Show Loyalty to the President” campaign that will make it mandatory for all Americans of voting age to own and wear a bright red ‘Make America Great Again’ as of January 1st of next year, which also happens to be a presidential election year in the United States.

And that is all the “fake news” that this Niagara At Large journalist plans to post this year, including this April Fools’ Day of Monday, April 1st.

I would apologize to the Trump administration and its U.S. homeland security secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, for making then the butt of an April Fool’s Day joke story but given all of the very real damage they have done to their country and the world with so many of their measures over the past two years, I simply can’t. That damage includes the caging of children at the Mexican border which has caused at least some of my fellow Canadian citizens to say they won’t travel to the U.S. at all until that kind of conduct and the administration responsible for it is gone.

Be vigilant. Keep your crap detector (Mark Twain coined that phrase) on at all times. Don’t let anyone in politics make a fool out of you!

Before I finish this post up, here is some news that, unfortunately, is not an April Fool’s joke that began circulating this past Friday, March 29th about the Ontario Ford government looking at possibly changing the logo on Ontario licence plates from “Yours to Discover” to “Open for Business” or some other slogan Ford and company are now using to promote their programs or to send coded messages to members of their base.

Here is a news release on this, circulated this March 29th, by Ontario’s Official Opposition Party –

An Ontario licence plate with the time-honoured ‘Yours To Discover’ logo on it.

QUEEN’S PARK — NDP Official Opposition MPP Catherine Fife released the following statement on news that Doug Ford is planning to redesign Ontario licence plates to force on his “open for business” campaign slogan onto Ontario vehicles:

“Doug Ford’s ridiculous scheme to turn vehicles into political billboards is a new low in self-serving electioneering. Redesigning our licence plates to be Ford ads is a colossal waste of money. This is a bizarre ego-driven attempt to turn every licence plate into a Ford vanity plate.

Our licence plates should be a symbol of what Ontario has to offer — including our stunning natural environment — not a billboard for a petty premier that puts partisan interests above people.”

One Brief Editorial Comment on this from NAL reporter Doug Draper –

How about this for a new Ontario licence plate?

Ontario Premier Doug Ford at the unveiling of one of many ‘Open for Business’ signs across the province last year.

Along with the Ford government’s ‘Open for Business’ mantra – one that has been used by many a far-right government in the past as code for gutting any and all rules and regulations that stand in the way of profits at any cost to the environment, wages and benefits, safe working conditions, etc. – how about at least retaining a variation on the time-honoured ‘Yours to Discover,’ slogan?

Incorporate it into a licence plate that reads; “Ontario – Open For Business. Yours to Pollute, Plunder and Pave Over.”

Now there is a licence plate message that would at least be honest, and would leave no question what Ontario, under the Ford’s self-described “Government for the People,” is all about.

To watch a YouTube clip of U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, questioned by a Congressional committee earlier this past March about the caging of children at the U.S.-Mexico border, and about comparisons to “dog cages,” click on the screen immediately below –

To read a story published in The Globe and Mail last July, 2018 on the Trump administration’s decision to impost tariffs on Canada and to list Canada as a “national emergency threat,” click on –

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A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


3 responses to “Trump Administration Introduces New Requirement for Canadian Border Crossers

  1. So many jokes today I say we re-name April Fools Day as Day of Hope.


  2. Gail Benjafield

    Re: license plates. We are really in Dogpatch now.


  3. Linda McKellar

    I am one who has not crossed the border in over 2 1/2 years although I live five miles from it. I wish all of the people who go south for the winter would go elsewhere until sanity is restored thus depleting the US tourism coffers. When Trump’s supporters are hit with the loss of millions in tourist dollars they MIGHT wake up but it’s doubtful. It’s just unfortunate that everyone must suffer to accomplish it.


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