New Art Exhibit at St. Catharines City Hall offers ‘Abstract’ Look

Everyone is invited to the opening reception of the exhibit, Friday, Nov. 2nd, from 4-5 p.m. at St. Catharines City Hall, 50 Church Street

News from the City of St. Catharines
Posted November 1st, 2018 on Niagara At Large

St. Catharines, Ontario – A new art exhibit completed by members of the Willow Arts Community has added a splash of colour to St. Catharines City Hall.

‘Abstract City Hall’ is currently on display on the second floor. The work, a series of colourful paintings by different artists merged together to form an abstract look at St. Catharines City Hall, was created during a Willow Arts Community workshop which was delivered by instructor Mark Roe.

The work was created during a two-hour acrylics art class. Roe took a photograph of City Hall, enlarged it and divided the image into 18 reclaimed boards, and members were given an art board with what appeared to be a random geometric design as a starting point.

The group used the fundamentals of abstract art they learned to produce their own unique piece of art. Member artists did not know at the time that the pieces, when exhibited, would create a large collaborative abstract piece of City Hall. Part of the concept was to go beyond the class and show Willow Arts Community members they are a unique part of a larger picture.

 “The Cultural Services section is pleased to be able to support this display of this amazing piece of art created by members of our community. Organizations like Willow Arts Community are doing important work in our community and we are thrilled to be able to celebrate that work,” said Kathleen Powell, acting supervisor for cultural services at the City.

“This exhibit reflects how local government, a national arts organization – Rodman Hall Art Centre, and individuals with lived experience of mental illness/addictions can come together to celebrate diverse artists in the community,” said Shauna MacLeod, Founder and Executive Director of Willow Arts Community.

Willow Arts Community is a not-for-profit arts organization supported by Rodman Hall Art Centre, Brock University, that supports the creative goals of aspiring, emerging and established artists with lived experience of mental health/addictions by providing a safe, nurturing environment where artistic opportunities can be developed.

Everyone is invited to the opening reception of the exhibit, Friday, Nov. 2, from 4-5 p.m. at City Hall, 50 Church St.

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