A Call-Out to All of Us to Support the Campaign to Protect One of Niagara’s Most Precious Natural Places – Thundering Waters Forest in Niagara Falls

Sign a Petition – Below – to Stop the Riverfront Community Project and Save what is left of Niagara’s Precious Natural Heritage

A Petition posted by St. Catharines citizen activist Emily Beth Spanton

Posted October 28th, 2018 on Niagara At Large


Paradise Walk to open in 2021 – GR-CAN

Emily Beth Spanton, St Catharines, Canada


Paradise Walk is part of a larger 484-acre mixed-use community called ‘Riverfront Community at Niagara Falls’, which will include homes as well as more than 200 acres of nature preserve.

Wetlands inside Thundering Waters Forest are vital to the web of life for all species and to the health of the Niagara River watershed. Let the developers build their Disney-esque “Paradise” somewhere else in Niagara. There is plenty of land in this region that is zoned for development and that does not risk destroying ecosystems like this.

The goal of Paradise Walk is to be accessible to the general population and as such, it will not be positioned as a luxury centre — rather, it will include a democratic offering in an upscale and attractive-looking environment. 

According to Helen Chang, the site, she said through an interpreter, is the ‘best natural oxygen bar in the world’ health wise — its combination of high negative ion content and optimal humidity could, according to WTO reports, strengthen one’s immune system to ward off illness merely by being there.

To sign the petition Emily Spanton is circulating to stop this project in a forested area that is diverse in wildlife and that hosts what is little left of the provincially significant wetlands in Niagara – wetlands that are home to rare and endangered  wildlife, and that serve as buffers to destructive flooding and as filters for keeping the waters of our Great Lakes fresh and clean, , click on this link https://www.change.org/p/protect-thundering-waters-forest-stop-riverfront-community-file-no-am-2017-015/u/23497053?cs_tk=AcAGKVPt7I_GMlu62VsARDMFI5hzjJHERPbfEWNmew%3D%3D&utm_campaign=5b952db48db84520b8cc14b716368bc5&utm_medium=email&utm_source=petition_update&utm_term=cs .

Here are some informative links on the Riverfront project –

Groundbreaking Development in Niagara Falls to be First-of-its-Kind in Canada

By Craig Patterson Chinese developer GR Investment Group unveiled a project at the ICSC Conference in Toronto this month that is unlike…


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3 responses to “A Call-Out to All of Us to Support the Campaign to Protect One of Niagara’s Most Precious Natural Places – Thundering Waters Forest in Niagara Falls

  1. Gail Benjafield

    Even in translation, Ms Chang’s comments are gobbledegook hocus-pocus speak.
    say again?


  2. Glad to sign and hope the Thundering Waters people will sign ours (on change.org) in return, protecting Waverly Woods from a housing/condo development. In addition to wetlands and a wildlife corridor, migratory bird and butterfly habitat, we also have the history of the bloodiest battle of the war of 1812, the Siege of Fort Erie in 1814. In 1987, at least 27 bodies or parts thereof were exhumed and other grave sites were known to be desecrated by builders. Skulls were taken home as souvenirs, bodies cemented over and bones cast aside. Since a couple thousand are known to have died here, where are the rest? We believe, according to expert historic accounts, many could be in the battlefield that was Waverly Woods.This should be a national historic site. We need to support each other from the rampant development and greed that is destroying southern Ontario.


  3. Just STOP! We don,t want it! Sell off your own land. This belongs to the people of Niagara! STOP!


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