Niagara Falls MPP Slams Ontaro’s Ford Government For Not Reinstating Slots At Fort Erie Race Track

Backroom deal keeping slots out of Fort Erie Race Track sells Niagara community and its people short – Wayne Gates

A Statement from the Constituency Office of Niagara Falls MPP Wayne Gate

Posted October 15th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Niagara Falls, Ontario MPP Wayne Gates in provincial legislature. File photo

(A Note to NAL readersThe following statement  from Niagara Falls’ MPP is a response to an announcement Ontario’s Ford government outlined in a media release this October 12th. You can  read that media release by going  Niagara At Large’s online site or by clicking on

Fort Erie, Ontario —Niagara Falls NDP MPP Wayne Gates released the following statement regarding Doug Ford’s decision not to reinstate the slot at the racetrack program at the Fort Erie Race Track:

“This backroom deal trading dollars for slots tramples the efforts of Fort Erie families and horse people throughout the region to secure a future for the Fort Erie Race Track.

I’ve spent the past five years working with stakeholders to return slots to the track – and I remain unequivocal– the long-term future of the track involves the return of the slots.

The Horse racing industry has suffered for years, ever since the last government ripped out the slots from Fort Erie.

Now, rather than undo this damage, Doug Ford pushed forward with a backroom deal to trade dollars for slots, without consultation and the support of the community. This is not what Fort Erie families voted for.

The slot at the race track program is vital to returning 300 jobs to the town and ensuring that horse racing has a future in Fort Erie. I will work with the elected mayor and council to press for a long-term solution that includes a meaningful number of slots.” 

To listen to or watch Niagara Falls MPP Wayne Gates raise the Fort Erie Race Track issue in the Ontario legislature this October 15th, click on one of the following –



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One response to “Niagara Falls MPP Slams Ontaro’s Ford Government For Not Reinstating Slots At Fort Erie Race Track

  1. Since the Liberal government did its best to destroy the operations of the Fort Erie race track in 2012,putting approx.300 employees out of work,our MLA,,MAYOR, Local and Regional Councillors and numerous residents have worked to return the slots program back to the Fort Erie Racetrack. How the FELRC rejected accepting the slots against the wishes and dedication of all these groups is beyond comprehension. Our new Council should immediately work to change the FELRC decision , and TERMINATE the FELRC members who voted against the return of the slots.THEY DID NOT HAVE OUR COMMUNITIES APPROVAL FOR THEIR DECISION>


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