An Important Message to Voters from the public interest group, A Better Niagara

This coming Monday, October 22nd, vote for positive change for our Niagara region. Nothing less than        our future is at stake!

A Brief Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher, followed by a video message from the region-wide citizens group, ‘A Better Niagara’.

Posted August 14th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

It is time to vote out this guy – current Niagara Region chair Al Caslin – and his fellow travellers and enablers on the council

Given the costly, hellish nightmare that Niagara Regional Chair Al Caslin and his cabal  of bullies and enablers have turned our Region’s council and the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority – a key regional partner in protecting and preserving what is left of our precious natural heritage in our region – in to over the past four years, the coming  October 22nd municipal elections are the most important ones in decades for our region’s future.

In these October 22nd municipal elections, it is absolutely imperative in these municipal elections that we, the people who live, work and pay taxes in Niagara, fire Caslin, who is running in St. Catharines, and members of his cabal running in other municipalities across the region, and replace them with people of integrity, who will put our interests as people and a community of communities first.

There is no other option if we want a Niagara Region that is working for a healthier, more prosperous future us and that we can be proud of again.

In that spirit, please click on the following video message from the dedicated citizens working for more public engagement in these crucial elections, ‘ A Better Niagara’ –

Of the members of the cabal that are running in these municipal elections, the ones who definitely need to be voted out or fired include Al Caslin and Bruce Timms in St. Catharines, Brian Baty in Pelham, Mayor Frank Campion and Paul Grenier in Welland, Sandy Annunziata in Fort Erie, Lord Mayor Patrick Darte in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Mayor Doug Joyner in West Lincoln, Tony Quirk in Grimsby, and Mayor Jim Diodatti , along with  Bob Gale and Selina Volpatti in Niagara Falls.

There are some very good candidates running against each and every one of the above and Niagara At Large will be posting information about them in the days ahead.

It is time to get more people with integrity in this building. These municipal elections are our best chance to do it.

There are also some very good incumbents who sit on the current Niagara regional council who are running for re-election – individuals who have had the courage to stand up (not just sit there or not show up for key meetings) and speak out for something better than the train wreck the council unfortunately turned in to.

Key incumbents Niagara At Large urges you to support in these elections include Brian Heit and Kelly Edgar in St. Catharines, George Marshall in Welland, Dave Augustyn who is running for a regional council seat in Pelham, Barbara Butters who has sat on the local council in Port Colborne and is running for a regonal council seat this time, and Henry D’Angela who is running for mayor this time in Thorold, and Tim Whelan, who has sat on Thorold’s council and is now running for a regional council seat.

Don’t make the mistake of throwing out good councillors with the bad! We need the experience of these good people, and so will those who will be serving on regional council for the first time!

Please spend the week days left before the coming Monday, October 22nd vote getting to know as much as you can about the candidates running for regional and local municipal council, and the school boards in your community, and do everything you can to show your support for candidates that promise to do our communities the most good.

(If we missed any key candidates in the lists above please let us know in a comment below and we will be sure to make up for any omission that makes sense to us – give a candidate’s past record – the next time.)

And please continue to visit  Niagara At Large at for more on all of this in the days ahead.

For more  on the October 22nd municipal elections from A Better Niagara, visit the citizen organizaiton’s website by clicking o .

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders



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