In Address to Conference of Municipal Reps, Ontario’s NDP Leader Slams Ford’s Assault on Municipal Elections

At Annual Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) Conference,  Andrea  Horwath Vows To Protect Local Democracy

“In the most paternalistic and insulting way possible, Doug Ford has interfered in municipal and regional elections.” – Ontario NDP  & Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath

News from the Ontario New Democratic Party

Posted August 20th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

(A Brief Foreword Note from NAL – This address to municipal leaders across Ontario comes in the wake of Premier Doug Ford’s decision this July to cancel elections for regional chair in Niagara and three other Ontario regions, and to cut the number of councillors sitting on Toronto’s city council in half.)

Ontario’s Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath. File photo

Ottawa, Ontario  – Speaking to hundreds of elected municipal representatives from across the province at the annual Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) conference now in session, Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath announced new legislation that would prevent the provincial government from changing the makeup of municipal governments without consultation and local approval.

“In the most paternalistic and insulting way possible, Doug Ford has interfered in municipal and regional elections.   Without any consultation and ignoring the wishes of democratically elected municipal leaders he is ripping up ward boundaries, and cancelling elections in the middle of the campaign,” said Horwath.

  “This is an assault on local democracy, and shows a fundamental lack of respect for municipal governments and local decision-making.

 “New Democrats are going to fight to protect municipalities from this kind of interference in the future.”

 The legislation, which will be introduced after the legislature resumes in late September, would require the agreement of local government to make any changes to municipal elections, and would also require meaningful public consultation on the changes.

Andrea Horwath speaking to municipal leaders from across the province at annual AMO conference in Ottawa this August 2018

Horwath also promised to work with local representatives to increase stable funding for municipal transit, schools, social supports, and health care.

“At a time when municipal services are under so much pressure, the provincial government must invest in our communities to support the services that your residents expect, and to build the future of opportunity and prosperity, that we all know is possible,” said Horwath.

 “And at the heart of our vision of a stronger and more prosperous province is our belief that municipalities and municipal leaders must be respected as true partners. Together, we can put a stop to divisive politics, and create a province where every family – no matter where they live – has the opportunities and services they need to build a great life.”

To hear and watch  Andrea Horwath delivering her address to Annual Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) Conference, the  click on the screen below –

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