Ontario’s Doug Ford Wastes No Time Hitting On Indigenous Education

People Need Answers On Curriculum Modernization Program. Government email posted to social media says summer 2018 curriculum writing sessions are cancelled

“Indigenous education benefits all students, and promises a better shared future. Scrapping the TRC curriculum writing sessions at the last second is a damaging step backwards on the road to reconciliation.” – NDP MPP-elect and the NDP’s Critic for Education and Women’s Issues, Peggy Sattler from London West

A News Release from Ontario’s New Democratic Party

Posted July 9th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Ontario’s new PC Premier Doug Ford – Let the gutting of services begin to pay for those big tax cuts. Why not target programs for Indigenous people? More like another reckoning than reconciliation.

Toronto, Ontario – The NDP is demanding to know what Doug Ford is doing with the school curriculum modernization plan after a government email posted to social media says the 2018 summer curriculum writing sessions are being cancelled. The change is another in a series of closed-door back-room decisions from Ford, hidden from the public until they leak out.

 “Doug Ford needs to come clean with families, teachers, educators and students about what’s going on here,” said NDP MPP-elect Peggy Sattler.

“The curriculum in Ontario’s public schools is outdated, and we simply have to do better for our children. If it’s true that Ford has scrapped the summer curriculum writing sessions, that’s a major shift in the plan for students and schools. Why? And if he’s cutting the modernization program, what is he replacing it with? Have the Ford cuts come for our children’s education, already?”

Long overdue, the refresh is slated to include updates to the curriculum as well as policy changes. The modernization process was to include co-development of the new curriculum with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit partners, pursuing one of the recommendations of the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

Ontario NDP critic for education and women’s issues, Peggy Sattler, slams Ford move.

But, apparently, the TRC summer writing team has been asked to stay home, and been offered reimbursements for travel expenses they’ve already covered for the meetings that were to begin Monday.

“Indigenous education benefits all students, and promises a better shared future. Scrapping the TRC curriculum writing sessions at the last second is a damaging step backwards on the road to reconciliation – and it sends a horrible message to Indigenous communities about their importance to the Ford government,” said Sattler.

“Teachers, educators and families have been clear that they support bringing Indigenous education into the classroom, and are right to be alarmed if this is the approach the Ford government plans to take. Mr. Ford needs to lay out his position, and describe his commitment to truth and reconciliation.

“The NDP believes we should move forward, not backward, when it comes to reconciliation.”

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2 responses to “Ontario’s Doug Ford Wastes No Time Hitting On Indigenous Education

  1. James Cloughley

    “Elect a clown…expect a circus”–the Trump wanna be wastes no time leaving his foot print up and down the spine of Ontarians. You get the government you elect–welcome Ford lovers


  2. Gary Screaton Page Laser

    Am I wrong? Does one have to look any further than the Premier’s own education background to begin to understand why he had no problem ending curriculum upgrades and a return to less informed sex ed programs? I think not. One has to value life-long learning in one’s own life to value education in general. Education is one of the most important gifts one generation can give another. Is Mr. Ford moving Ontario schools even further down the list of “best schools” in the world. Canada’s should be right at the top! Are they?


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