St. Catharines Community Activist Haley Bateman Runs For Niagara Regional Council

A News Release from the Campaign to Elect Haley Bateman, With a Foreword by Doug Draper

Posted June 13th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

A Foreword by Doug Draper –

When so much of what is happening in politics in our country, the world, and right here in our province and region is enough to make a person feel at least a little down, every once in a while some news comes along that gives you a lift and makes you feel hopeful again.

That is certainly true of the news that Haley Bateman has officially launched her campaign to run for one of the five directly elected seats the City of St. Catharines occupies on Niagara’s regional council.

As a citizen in our region, Haley Bateman already has a record of demonstrating her interest in making a Niagara better place to live and work in through her social through her work in the non-profit sector, supporting the Performing Arts, Health and Wellbeing and Women and Children’s organizations.

She has also gone on the front line, electing to appear at least two or three times over the past year in front of the current regional council, advocating for more fairness and decency, for more respect responsibility when it comes to serving the public and respecting the use of their tax dollars, and for more effective code of conduct rules for individuals serving in public office.

She took a bit of a verbal bashing at times from some of the characters we currently have on regional council, but she held her ground and never let whatever was thrown at her steer her away from high road.

Haley Bateman, speaking as a delegation at a Niagara regional council meeting last year, urging the council to improve its code of conduct rules.

Haley Bateman is an example of the kind of person we need – and we need far more of them running in this year’s municipal elections in Niagara – registering their name for the first time to run for municipal office.

If enough people like Haley run and receive the support of Niagara voters on election day this coming October 22nd, we can have a regional council and local councils that work more openly, in partnership with citizens, to make Niagara a better place to live and work in.

Those interested in doing what Haley Bateman has already done and put their hat in the ring should contact the municipal clerk’s office in the town or city they live in for further details on how to do it. I believe the deadline for registering as a candidate – make sure you check on this one – is July 27th.

Niagara At Large will have much more on Haley Bateman’s candidacy and those of others entering the race for a Better Niagara later

Now here is a news release from the campaign to elect Haley Bateman –

For the past three years Haley has been advocating for change and accountability from Niagara’s Regional Councillors.

“We need better representation. We need individuals who are concerned with the future of Niagara. We need individuals who know not just about the city they live in, but the Region as a whole. Councillors should understand the importance of the arts, conservation, affordable housing, technology, innovation, business and transit – and understand how these are interconnected”.

“When I was determining whether I would run to represent the City of St. Catharines at the Niagara Region, it came down to one final question. The tipping point was that there wasn’t a person my age, with children my age and that is a major short-coming in my opinion,” said Bateman.

“The more engaged I was with Council, I began to see that there was a huge disconnect between the expectations I have for them and the role they see that they have as Councillors”.

“As my Campaign progresses, I think people will see the value in appointing me to represent them. I am dedicated to continuous improvement, I work with integrity and I believe that we have to be innovative in the way we achieve our goals”, added Bateman.

Brief Bio on Haley

Profession and Volunteer Work:
Haley is a social activist who has worked throughout the Niagara Region in the non-profit sector supporting the Performing Arts, Health and Wellbeing and Women and Children’s organizations.

Education, Haley is a graduate of:
– Brock University, Social Sciences/Women’s Studies
– Niagara College, Public Relations
– McMaster University, Human Resource Management

Connect with Haley:


Haley Bateman
Candidate – Niagara Regional Council, St. Catharines

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


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