Ontario’s NDP & Greens – Only Two Parties in Province calling for Quick Closure of Pickering Nuclear Station

A News Release from the Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Posted May 18th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

We sent an all-candidates questionnaire to the leaders of the four major parties running in the provincial election. We asked their position on closing the Pickering Nuclear Station, and on water power imports from Quebec.

The NDP and the Green Party are calling for the closure of the Pickering Nuclear Station when its licence expires this August.

The Liberal Party supports the continued operation of the Pickering Nuclear Station until 2024.

The PC Party did not respond.

To read the parties’ full responses to our questionnaire, please click here.

The Pickering Nuclear Station is the fourth oldest nuclear plant in North America. It was originally designed to operate for 30 years, but it has now been running for nearly half a century. More than two million people live within 30 km of the Pickering Station – at least twice the number of any other nuclear station on the continent.

A recent report looked at what would happen in the GTA if a major accident occurred at Pickering – similar in scale to the accident that took place at the Fukushima Nuclear Station in Japan.

The report found that an accident at Pickering could lead to the evacuation of more than 650,000 people for 30 to 100 years, cause 13,000 cancer deaths, and result in $125 billion in lost real estate value just for single-family homes.

Replacing Pickering’s electricity with water power from Quebec would lower our electricity costs by $1.1 billion per year and eliminate our need to export surplus electricity to the U.S. at a financial loss.

The Pickering nuclear power plant along the northern shores of Lake Ontario.

By immediately dismantling and decommissioning Pickering after it closes, we can create 32,000 person-years of direct and indirect employment by 2032. This will permit most of the 300 hectare Pickering waterfront site to be revitalized and returned to the local community by 2032.

The full cost of decommissioning can be funded by money that is already in Ontario Power Generation’s Nuclear Decommissioning Fund.

For more information, please click here to read our report: We have better choices: It’s time to close the aging Pickering Nuclear Plant.

Ask candidates where they stand when reaching out for your vote, and let them know where you stand.

Please pass this onto your friends. To view online, click here.

Thank you., Angela Bischoff, Director

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance is a coalition of over 90 organizations that represent more than six million Ontarians.   We led the successful campaign to phase-out Ontario’s five dirty coal-fired power plants.   We are now working to move Ontario towards a 100% renewable electricity future through an integrated combination of energy conservation and efficiency, water power imports from Quebec and cost-effective Made-in-Ontario green energy.

For more on the Ontario Clean Air Alliance and its public advocacy work, click on http://www.cleanairalliance.org/

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


One response to “Ontario’s NDP & Greens – Only Two Parties in Province calling for Quick Closure of Pickering Nuclear Station

  1. Neil Alexander

    More nonsense from the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.

    The idea of purchasing power from Hydro Quebec has been fully investigated and as much as is practicable is already being bought from them. We don’t have the capacity to support any more.

    The report they quote is one they asked a consultant friend of theirs to write and has never been peer reviewed and is actually riddled with misunderstandings …the grossest of which was the issue of insurance. Given that they got this simple issue wrong one wonders how much of the rest of the report can be relied on.

    Meanwhile I would love to know what the lady with the placard is protecting her children from. As the article correctly points out Pickering has been around for a long time and has done no harm. And it goes on producing some of the provinces most valuable power.

    And come on guys…decommissioning an 8 unit nuclear station from a standing start in 14 years (less because you also need to build whatever you are going to replace it with) is lunacy.

    These people frighten me. I hope they frighten you as well.


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