Thundering Waters Forest Still Matters . . . To Me – Niagara Falls Green Party candidate Karen Fraser

“Niagara Residents stood up for themselves and for the forest. The City Council meeting drew a broad accompaniment of citizens from all walks of life — all standing for the same issue. I am so proud to stand beside them.” – Karen Fraser

A News Release from the Campaign to elect Karen Fraser, the Ontario Green Party’s candidate in the Riding of Niagara Falls
Posted May 17th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Niagara Falls Green Party candidate Karen Fraser

A week after Niagara Falls City Council ruled  (this past May 8th) in a six-to-two vote in approval for the multi-use community development, I’ve had some time to digest my disappointment.

I’ve supported the preservation of the Thundering Waters Forest for over two years, alongside local environmental activists, my Haudenosaunee brothers and sisters and citizens from all walks of life who are just sick and tired of reckless urban sprawl in Niagara.

While at first it looks like that this is strictly a local municipal issue – It’s not: The decisions made over the past 6 years by Kathleen Wynne at Queens Park are in large part responsible for the imminent foreign development on our ecologically significant lands.

Let’s get to the point:

  • ·         Wynne and the provincial liberals promoted backroom foreign development deals
  • ·         Provincial Environmental regulations are so weak that they crumble under the offer of foreign development dollars
  • ·         Wayne Gates, our elected NDP MPP, did not stand strong to protect water security in Niagara Falls by securing the last of Niagara Fall’s wetlands
  • ·         The NDP’s has a misguided belief that the promised development jobs will actually be allocated to local tradespeople and contribute to economic growth

We deserve better leadership than this; I am your Green Party Candidate because I know that this is wrong.

The wetlands in Thundering Waters Forest in the Niagara River watershed

We can encourage and promote development in Niagara Falls, Fort Erie & Niagara-On-The-Lake that creates economic growth while also protecting the environmental landscape that makes Niagara so unique and so valuable.

We can no longer continue to sacrifice our future for the sake of making a few dollars today.

Your vote for me on June 7th will guarantee my fight to ensure that your children can continue to live, enjoy and prosper in the community that we so cherish today.

Here to serve,

Karen Fraser, Ontario Green Party Candidate, Niagara Falls Riding

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


One response to “Thundering Waters Forest Still Matters . . . To Me – Niagara Falls Green Party candidate Karen Fraser

  1. Mickey DiFruscio


    Here we go again! Mr.Doug Ford wants to be the Premier of Ontario. He is saying if he becomes the Premier of Ontario, he would sell off some or large parcels of Conservation lands.

    If you recall the last election candidate for Premier, Mr. Tim Hudak, he stated that if he became the Premier, he would free up conservation lands for real estate.

    Retracting their statement, there is No Guarantee they will not dispose of these conservation lands if they are successful in being elected. Mostly or great portions of these conservation lands in question were made by public donations!

    Do not trust the Conservatives who are funded by the Real Estate Industry. (The public only has to look at “where have all our precious fruitlands gone in Niagara”?).


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