Ontario PC Party Leader Doug Ford Kicks Off Party’s Provincial Election Campaign

A News Release of Speaking Notes for PC Leader Doug Ford

Posted April 16th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

“Today (this past Sunday, April 15th) is an exciting day. Not just for our team, but for everyone in Ontario.

Because today we are kicking off​ our campaign. We are getting our campaign into a new gear.

Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford kicks off party’s provincial election c ampaign

The people of Ontario are ready for real change. Ready for a government that is in it for the people. And together that is what we will deliver.

My friends, the problem facing Ontario is simple. You are working harder than ever before. And you are paying more than ever before.

Yet ​Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals continue to waste your hard-earned money. They continue to spend your money on schemes and scandals for insiders and elites.

Friends I am ready to debate Kathleen Wynne. I am ready to hold her accountable. And make her answer for her government’s record.

Kathleen Wynne will say​ and do anything to get elected.

She will spend ​your​ money to try and buy ​your​ vote.

But the people​ ​know​ better, she ​isn’t​ fooling ​anybody​.

We are in a campaign today.

Kathleen Wynne is campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime. She is writing post dated cheques we know will bounce.

But don’t worry. Help is on the way.

On June 8th the party with taxpayer’s money is over.

And we will start cleaning up the mess. We will clean up this corrupt, expired Liberal government.

Friends, I’ve been to ​every​ corner​ of this great province. And everywhere we go ​people ​tell me the same thing.

You are ​ready​ for change. And that is what we ​will​ deliver.

We will put an ​end​ to the ​party with ​your​ tax dollars. Together we will deliver ​prosperity​ and ​opportunity.

We will deliver a government for the people​.

A government that will ​respect​ you and deliver ​real ​results without ​breaking​ the​ bank​.

Folks the ​time​ for change is ​now​.

I’m​ looking forward​ to this campaign. I ​can’t wait ​to meet ​as many​ of you as possible.

If I haven’t ​stopped​ by your ​hometown ​yet, don’t worry. We’re working​ on it. I want to get this bus to ​ever corner​ of Ontario and hear what you have to say.

And my friends, here is what ​you​ can ​expect​ from ​me​.

I’m going to work hard and keep ​fighting​ for the little guy to ​make life ​easierfor ​you​ and ​your​ family.

To respect ​you and ​respect​ your hard-earned money. I’m going to campaign on straightforward commitments​. An ​affordable​ and ​practical​ plan. I’m going to  put​ ​more​ money​ in ​your​ ​pocket​and ​clean up​ the ​hydro mess​. I’m going to ​create​ good jobs and restore ​accountability​ and ​respect​. I’m going to ​cut​ hospital wait times.

If you don’t​ agree​ with everything I say, ​that’s ​okay​.

But, ​no​ ​matter what​, you can ​always​ count on me to give you ​straight talk​ and to tell it like it is. I will ​only​ make ​promises​ I can keep, and I will ​always​ keep the ​promises​ I make.

And here’s a ​promise​ you can take to the​ ​bank​.

We are going to ​deliver ​real​ change​. And, once again get Ontario working ​for the people.

Thank you.”

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders



One response to “Ontario PC Party Leader Doug Ford Kicks Off Party’s Provincial Election Campaign

  1. I hear an angry man making promises. I do not hear anything of substance.


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