Ontario’s Chamber of Commerce Group Favours Keeping Nuke Power Plant Open

Chamber  wants to have it Both Ways – Affordable Energy Bills and Costly Nuclear Power Plant too

A News Release from the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, a province-wide citizens group

Posted April 5th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce has spent the last few years predicting that rising electricity prices would doom the province’s businesses and drive its economy into the ditch.

So it is a bit puzzling that the Chamber, in a piece of “research” sponsored by Ontario Power Generation (OPG), favours keeping a nuclear plant with the highest operating costs in North America running until 2024 instead of importing low-cost water power from Quebec.

The Chamber sees a potential business bonanza in the billions of dollars that OPG intends to spend on rebuilding old reactors. Which is great if you are a supplier of nuclear components.

But the Chamber seems to have forgotten about its many other members who will be left paying for over-priced electricity from old reactors under its new plan.

In fact, the Chamber studiously ignores the cost difference between power from Quebec (5 cents per kWh) and power from Pickering (9.2 cents per kWh) in its report.  It never stops to ask whether the vast majority of Ontario businesses (and residents) will be better off with a nuclear spending spree or with lower power costs.

We’ve outlined the real benefits of closing Pickering when its licence expires this summer in a short factsheet.  It is straight and to the point – and filled with facts, like the fact that by closing Pickering we can save electricity consumers $1.1 billion per year, create 32,000 person years of employment and return most of the station’s site to the local community by 2032.  And it is not sponsored by a nuclear power company.

The Toronto Star has launched an online poll in response to the Chamber’s contradictory call for subsidizing nuclear.  It’s time for those without a vested interest in nuclear power to have a say – vote now.

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Angela Bischoff, Director, Ontario Clean Air Alliance

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance is a coalition of over 90 organizations that represent more than six million Ontarians.   We led the successful campaign to phase-out Ontario’s five dirty coal-fired power plants.   We are now working to move Ontario towards a 100% renewable electricity future through an integrated combination of energy conservation and efficiency, water power imports from Quebec and cost-effective Made-in-Ontario green energy.

For more information on the Ontario Clean Air Alliance and its advocacy work, click onhttp://www.cleanairalliance.org/

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


One response to “Ontario’s Chamber of Commerce Group Favours Keeping Nuke Power Plant Open

  1. Neil Alexander

    Nothing puzzling here at all. The Chamber did a study and came to the same conclusions as the government…keeping Pickering operating is our best option.

    OCAA have represented their views directly to the Government and have been answered. They just don’t like the answer.

    Meanwhile many of the facts they present in their documents are facts they made up themselves by paying someone to write them down for them.

    The fact that Pickering has small units and so is more costly than some other nuclear is interesting but irrelevant to the discussion…….. what matters is how it compares to our other options. The comparison with wind power is like comparing apples with a piece of paper with a picture of an apple on it. Pickering is there when we need it…wind is only there when the wind blows.

    By all means go ahead and vote on the issue but first have a look into the Chambers report and then make sure you vote the right way. .


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