Growing Numbers Of Niagara Area Residents Calling Out For Justice For Former NPCA Employee Jocelyn Baker

A Brief Message from NAL reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted April 4th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Join the call for justice for former NPCA employee Jocelyn Baker

Since Niagara At Large posted a commentary this past April 3rd by a new group called Friends of Jocelyn Baker, many people have already emailed us or taken to Facebook and other social media venues to encourage even more people to join the call for justice for the former NPCA employee who has been sued by a Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority that has a record of using our tax dollars to sue, censure or throw out of work individuals who say and do things it doesn’t like.

The following Call-Out by Niagara, Ontario resident Emily Beth is an example of what has been happening since the commentary from Friends of Jocelyn Baker was posted on NAL this April 3rd, and her is some of it followed by Emily Beth’s Facebook link so that you can read the rest –

PLEASE HELP: Longtime former Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority employee Jocelyn Baker needs our support. WRITE OUR REPRESENTATIVES ON THE NPCA BOARD AND LET THEM KNOW YOU SUPPORT JOCELYN AND THE LAWSUIT MUST BE DROPPED.

(Deja-vu, anyone?)

The NPCA launched legal action against Baker in response to an email she sent last year to Niagara area MPP Cindy Forster. The email apparently described conditions of employment at the NPCA that included harassment of staff.

For reasons unknown, Baker – respected on both sides of the Niagara River for her dedicated efforts to restore and protect the watershed – was terminated from the NPCA more than a year ago after 23 years of service. Shortly thereafter she sent the email to her MPP.

The NPCA responded by suing Baker for breaching the terms of her release settlement. According to media reports, the Conservation Authority is using the lawsuit to seeking $164,000 from her. Baker HAS subsequently launched a counter-suit against the NPCA for $400,000 for defamation and breach of contract.

The read this whole call-out for justice for Jocelyn Baker, go to Emily Beth’s Facebook page at – .

A Brief Footnote from Niagara At Large –

We have also been hearing from people who want to know how they can contact the group Friends of Jocelyn Baker or how they can become a member. For reasons that have to do with the kind of retribution others have experiences from the NPCA, we are not sharing a membership list for the group here.

However, the group welcomes all new members and you can simply become one by contacting your regional and local municipal council members and demanding that the NPCA lawsuit against Jocelyn Baker be dropped NOW.

Make sure you also demand to our elected members of regional and local municipal councils that Jocelyn Baker be fully compensated for her legal expenses and all of the stress and loss of quality time that this body that has gone rogue with our tax money has put Jocelyn and her family through!

Make sure that you remind them that we will be having municipal elections in Niagara this coming Ontario and you won’t forget what they did or didn’t do to address this matter.

To read the commentary from Friends of Jocelyn Baker that was posted on Niagara At Large this April 3rd, click on .

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


3 responses to “Growing Numbers Of Niagara Area Residents Calling Out For Justice For Former NPCA Employee Jocelyn Baker

  1. Gail Benjafield

    Thank you for keeping on this. Thank you also for not divulging personal information such as membership lists in this Blog. That maintains the character of NAL.
    For those of us who eschew Social Media, it makes it harder to make these contacts, but not impossible, and I will follow up, as best as possible, given the limitations I put on myself by refusing to use Social Media.


  2. Defeat these “freeloaders” in October. Then they will have to use their own money to sue the voters for “Non Support”.


  3. Gary Screaton Page

    Apparently, NPCA are only decisive about lawsuits and bullying tactics. Their survey suggests that they cannot even make up their minds what is most important in the Region. They were paid to admin conservation, not spend time in court. They will not be missed in the coming year as they are replaced this fall. The new board can put an end to any legal actions. I am four-square behind Jocelyn Baker as I was behind Mr. Smith.
    Soon, but not soon enough, we will be saying “Bye, bye” to the current conservation authority board, just not soon enough.


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