BREAKING NEWS – Trump, Trudeau Negotiating Largest Land Swap in North American History

Canadian, U.S. Leaders Discuss Swapping Tar-Stained Alberta for Democrat-Infested, West Coast States

Posted April 1st, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump have reportedly set aside trade talks between the two countries and Mexico to focus on what could be a milestone agreement to swap the Province of Alberta for three west coast states of California, Oregon and Washington.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, U.S. President Donald Trump negotiating unprecedented land swap between two countries.

If the agreement goes through, Canada stands to benefit from the inclusion of three states that, in the case of California alone, represent an economic powerhouse rivalling the European Union and Great Britain combined.

And what does the United States have to gain from all this.

First and foremost, the U.S. would adopt a province that is very much like the coal-mining state of West Virginia in the sense that both are largely tied to sources of energy more relevant to economic growth the 19th and 20th centuries. In the case of Alberta, of course, that energy is oil derived from tar strip mined from the province’s once lush, forested northern regions.

Alberta’s tar sands represent a ‘back to the future’ investment for a Trump administration determined to make the demand for both coal and oil as great as ever again by eliminating environmental protection regulations, including plans to reduce climate-changing carbon emissions, and rolling back gas mileage standards for all vehicles.

with the tar sands, the Trump administration would also be granting statehood to a province that, like Norway, is largely populated with people who are white and Christian – many of whom have, for decades, self-identified as American wannabes who, like many in regions of the American mid-west, enjoy dressing up in 19th century cowboy costumes and going to the rodeo.

Trump would be trading away the States of California, Oregon and Washington to get Alberta, but as he was want to say to hecklers at his campaign rallies; “Get outta here!”

Last year, Trump stated that he would have received a higher popular vote count than “crooked Hillary” in the 2016 presidential election if California wasn’t counted. California’s governor, Jerry Brown, has repeatedly described Trump as something akin to a  reality TV show clown and Brown’s former girlfriend, pop singer icon Linda Ronstadt, was once quoted in the Canadian media that she might pick up her cat and move to Toronto if Trump remains in the White House.

California, along with the States of Washington and Oregon, has also had a record of blocking Trump’s attempts to ban Muslims from immigrating to the country in the courts.

Could this be the new map of Canada? … right down the Pacific coast to the border of Mexico.

So getting rid of those more liberal states, with their sanctuaries for people of colour, and inviting a province populated with mostly white conservatives who loath taxes and environmental regulations to the table is a win-win for Trump, if not for Canada.

And how likely is such a swap likely to happen. Well, there are already petitions online that people can sign in Alberta, and in California, Oregon and Washington, urging their respective governments to support such an exchange.

You can click on those petitions below and, in the meantime, Niagara At Large is going to end this piece before the clock strikes midnight, drawing an end to this April Fool’s Day and to what, if you haven’t guessed already, is just another example of “fake news” from the dreaded left-wing media.

There again, you never know. Given the madness of our times, today’s fake new could be tomorrow’s all too real horror show.

Here is wishing a fun April fool’s Day and a very Happy Easter weekend to all of our NAL visitors and supporters. We’ll get back to the more serious news and commentary when the weekend is over.

To visit a petition Niagara At Large found online (yes, this is a real petition) calling on Albertans to support leaving Canada for the United States, click on .

For a petition NAL found on line, asking residents of California, Oregon and Washington State to support leaving the U.S. and joining Canada, click on .

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


3 responses to “BREAKING NEWS – Trump, Trudeau Negotiating Largest Land Swap in North American History

  1. Thank-you for the information Doug, however, the map does not represent Alberta’s portion . . .



  2. Gail Benjafield

    Very good natured of you, Doug, for this April 1st read.


  3. Gary Screaton Page

    These days nothing would surprise me. Sounds like a deal Trump could have Tweeted. Good joke though. April showers will soon be bringing May flowers.


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