Buffalo, New York Area Teachers Pay Tribute To Students Marching For A Better World

We, your teachers in Buffalo and across the country, are very proud of you. You give us hope for the future.”

“Don’t give up hope. We are with you.”

Posted by Doug Draper this March 30th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

The March For Our Lives rally this March 2018 in Buffalo, New York. Photo by Doug Draper

While in Buffalo, New York visiting a loved one this past March 29th,  I opened the latest (March 28th) issue of a weekly Buffalo area paper called ‘The Public’ to a message that is very moving and worth sharing with everyone during these often troubled times.

The message came in the form of a full-page open letter from members of the Buffalo Teachers Association. It was a message  to their young students and to so many others who organized and participated in ‘March For Our Lives’ rallies across the United States and other countries, including Canada, around this world earlier this March.

As I read the teachers’ open letter, I remember thinking that when I was a high school student in late 1960s, going into the 1970s, I had a few great teachers who encouraged us to go out and rally for peace, environmental protection and other issues that we faced in our present and future lives.

But never do I remember – at least not here in southern Ontario – who bodies of teachers openly supporting us to engage broad-based activities that in any way questioned authority or challenged the status quo, let along press for progressive change.

At least 3,000 gather this March 24th in front of city hall in Buffalo, New York in support of March For Our Lives

So how great of this group of teachers in Buffalo to do so. I think they deserve credit too for the support they are expressing for their young students during some very challenging times in this world.

Here is their Open Letter to their students –

‘An Open Letter to Our Students…  You Give Us Hope’

Thousands are murdered with guns each year. Since Sandy Hook, there have been 239 school shootings with 438 people shot and 138 murdered in our schools. The most recent being the 17 students, teachers and staff murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The adults, who are relentlessly fighting to end this carnage and provide you with safe neighborhoods and schools, have been shunned and ignored by those in power.

You, the students of Buffalo, Western New York and the Country have done what we adults have been unable to do – create a National movement and awareness focused on safe neighborhoods and schools.

You have come together, organized, demonstrated and forced those, who have refused to listen and act, to realize that you will not and cannot stop until you have safe neighborhoods and schools.

You have learned your lessons well. Those in power are now on notice that you expect them to learn from you, act now, and that you will be grading them in the next elections. 

We, your teachers in Buffalo and across the Country, are so very proud of you. You give us hope for the future.

Don’t give up. We are with you. Your Teachers

For a link to this Open Letter from the Buffalo Teachers Federation, as it appeared in The Public and other Buffalo area media, click on – http://www.btfny.org/mail/images/an_open_letter_to_our_students.pdf .

Some of the high school -age organizers of a March For Our Lives campaign that has gone global make the cover of the April 2nd, 2018 issue of Time Magazine.

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders



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