Pride Niagara announces OPEN NOMINATIONS for The 5th Annual 2018 Niagara UNITY Awards!

Anyone can participate by filling out their nominations for each individual award category. See Details Below

A News Release from Pride Niagara

Posted March 27th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

 Pride Niagara is happy to announce NOMINATIONS ARE NOW OPEN for the 5th Annual 2018 Niagara UNITY Awards! Theses awards showcases the important successes of individuals and groups that have made an impact for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Plus (LGBT+) community here in the Niagara Region.

Pride Niagara has launched a month long nomination process starting March 26th, 2018 via an online link which can also be found at listed under events. Anyone can participate by filling out their nominations for each individual award category.

In April, Pride Niagara will announce the top five nominations for each category on their website and participants can then vote for their favourites.

The awards include –

* The Ed Eldred Award -Ed Eldred was one of Niagara’s loved community activists. In honour of his life’s achievements this award is presented to a person who has worked hard to unite the LGBT+ community and raise public & professional LGBT awareness in the Niagara community.

* The Johnathon Crawford Award -Johnathon was a key person in helping build a strong LGBT+ community here in Niagara during a time that was not as accepting. He was committed to raising positive awareness for the local LGBT+ community through significant fund-raising efforts. Pride Niagara has created this award to honour someone whom identifies with the LGBT+ community through the performing arts (stage, music, drag, design, choreography, etc.)

* The Community Involvement Award -This award is to a group or organization that has made a positive impact in helping or changing the LGBT+ community of Niagara. They have shown leadership and future development within the Niagara community.

* The Volunteer Excellence Award -This Award recognizes an individual’s achievements in furthering positive awareness in the LGBT+ community of Niagara over the past year. This award can go to any volunteer that is working with an LGBT+ group or organization / or LGBT+ positive group, organization or business / or as an individual.

* The Outstanding Young Person Award -This award is given to a young individual — age 24 or younger — that is improving the positive awareness of the LGBT+ community, especially with regards to LGBT+ youth. The award acknowledges the accomplishments and contributions within their homes, schools, athletic or academic teams, or other social groups.

* The Outstanding School/Gay-Straight Alliance Award -This award is given to an academic institution or student-run group that focuses on supporting the young members of the LGBT+ community of Niagara — in a positive and impactful manner. The nominees are making a difference by overcoming obstacles in their own schools, and by working on projects that have benefited their LGBT+ community.

* The Commitment Award -This award is given to a Pride Niagara sponsor that has shown strong support, leadership and vision in our organization. Their commitment has helped celebrate Niagara sexual and gender diverse community and its supporters. Nominees must have had a beneficial commitment to Pride Niagara for a minimum of 3 years.

* The LGBT+ Positive Business Award -This award is given to any size LGBT or LGBT positive business which supports, promotes and acknowledges the importance of the LGBT community within their business.

* The Community Culture Award -This award is given to a community focused individual, group or local event that has made a strong impact in strengthening, preserving and celebrating the LGBT+ culture within Niagara and our surrounding diverse communities.

* Best Performance of the Year Award -This award goes to an outstanding group or individual of the LGBT+/LGBT+ positive community that has performed in 2017/2018 within the Niagara Region. Examples of performances can be (but are not limited to) concert performances, comedy performances, drag performances or visual art shows.

How do you find out who will win? The Niagara UNITY Awards will be held on Wednesday, June 6th at Amici’s Banquet Hall & Conference Centre (2740 Merrittville Highway, Thorold)

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