A Reality Show For Rich, White Creeps Who Kill Animals Not Because They Need To, But Just For Fun

Make Them Game for a Show with more Life & Death Consequences than Celebrity Apprentice

A Commentary by Niagara At Large publisher and reporterDoug Draper

Posted December 28th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

Canadian TV show host Steve Echlund proudly displayes the cougar he blew away early this December 2017 in Alberta, where one tar sand-loving premier after another continues to let this killing be legal.

Of all the low lives among us, some of the lowest of the low, in my view, are affluent white men who dress up like Rambo and go out and kill some of the most majestic animals on the planet.

And not because they need to hunt down and kill the animal for food or for other reason that may have something to do with survival, but just because they think it’s fun! And they want a trophy hanging on the wall to shore up their fragile mail ego and to impress their affluent white friends.

The most recent example of one of these poor excuses for a human being – until the next one comes along, probably within a matter of weeks, if not days – is this host of a Canadian TV outdoor show called ‘The Edge’ who got all dressed up in khakis, like those crypto-fascist militia nuts that troll the backwoods of America somewhere – and shot himself a magnificent cougar somewhere in northern Alberta earlier this December.

Steve Ecklund is the name of this dirtbag,  and just to show the world he has no shame, he posted photos of himself with the cougar he blew away on Facebook this past December 3rd with a caption that reads; What an unreal ending to a fun filled season.”

The only good news is that this jerk is already accruing some of the same kind of condemnation (and hopefully it will be enough to see the networks drop his show) from betters in the human population as that Wayne Palmer, disgusting dentist from Minnesota who lured a noble lion named Cecil out of an African game reserve and blew him away, a few years ago, and the wastes of space that pass for Donald Trump’s sons, Don Jr. and Eric, who behave as though they are entitled to treat the whole world and everything in it like theirs to do whatever they want with because, like their daddy with his small hands and ‘russian’ fingers, they are rich and famous.

The Miinnesota dentist with Cecil, the great lion he blew away for trophies and for fun.

One of the first things that always crosses my mind when I read or hear about one of these creeps who declare war on nature for fun is if they enjoy dressing up in para-military gear and tramping around in the fields and woods so much, why don’t they do what is arguably more of a favour to whatever country they are a citizen of and volunteer to serve in the armed forces.

If they like shooting at things so much, we can send them off to some of the more war-torn regions of the world where they can duck bullets and bombs, and at least those on the other side would be on a more equal footing.

Or if they won’t do that (and I am all for bringing back the military draft with no loopholes for deferments for individuals like  this), here’s another idea that the creep from Canada with the outdoors show or the Trump boys Reality Show pappy might prefer.

Not one of Donald Trump’s adult children ever volunteered to serve in the American military, but they don’t find dressing up in para-military duds and murdering majestic animals in Africa, alright. Here is Donald Jr. and Eric proudly showing off one of their kills.

We can call the show ‘I’M GAME.EAT ME’ and it would simply involve stripping these jackasses of all their clothes, coating them three or four layers of stick gravy and putting them on an island with some of the largest, hungriest carnivores in the animal world with nothing but their small hands to defend them and drones hovering overhead to film the whole thing.

We can have prizes too. What would a television reality show be without prizes?

So here is an idea for a prize that pops into my head. Maybe you can think of some others.

I think that whoever survives a fun-filled season of this gets a free trip to war zones in Afghanistan where they can be assigned to special units of our armed forces searching for road-side bombs.

I know what some of you might be thinking, Donald Trump, the president, would never permit his sons to participate in a show like that.

Are you kidding! If you offered Trump, the father, a lion’s share (pun intended) of the profits and convinced him that a show featuring a bunch of affluent and naked white guys running around the jungle with the words; “I’M GAME. EAT ME! stamped across their buttocks could be the ‘HUUuuuGEST’ hit in television history, he’d okay it in less time than it takes to rip up the Paris Climate Agreement.

Aside from what Donald Trump Jr. new or didn’t know about Putin’s Russian government meddling in America’s 2016 elections, I would throw him in jail for this.

I’m sure we could count on all of the – what does Trump’s disheveled buddy Steve Bannon, taken to calling them? “Deplorables? – redneck who go out to Trump rallies, screaming about “dirt beaners” from Mexico, the ‘African-born you know what who occupied the White House, and who chant; “Lock her up” till they lose their voice will watch it – especially if Donald Jr. and Eric are in it and it finally dawns on them that those good paying jobs in the coal mines and steel mills aren’t coming back, and they are going to lose their access to health care and affordable internet service.

Maybe a dim light will finally come on when they are loaded up in trucks to harvest the fruit and vegetables those Mexican migrants used to pick for them for seven bucks an hour.

Oh gee, I’m sorry. I got to get a grip on myself here.

For this New Years, I made a resolution that I wasn’t going to unleash my inner George Carlin and get angry like that.

So much for resolutions. I would probably break it the next time I have to watch a Niagara regional council meeting anyway.

Here is hoping that you have more luck keeping your New Year’s resolutions

(On a completely serious and sober note, the destructive force now occupying the White House has been toying around with the idea of lifting a ban former U.S. President Barack Obama put in place to ban the import of elephant parts from Africa – a nice move for his sons who obviously couldn’t give a flying fig about  welfare of endangered wildlife.

If you are looking for a New Year’s resolution you can make that matters, make a pledge to pay attention to any further noise Trump makes about lifting this ban and get reading to contact and/support the World Wildlife fund, your representatives of Canada’s Parliament or U.S. Congress and Senate, our United Nations representatives and any other relevant body, to stop this disgusting bastard from  doing anything that would encourage more killing of one of the greatest creatures struggling to survive on this planet.

To find out more about this issue and other efforts to preserve the planet’s wildlife from the World Wildlife Fund, click onhttps://www.worldwildlife.org/ .)

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders



4 responses to “A Reality Show For Rich, White Creeps Who Kill Animals Not Because They Need To, But Just For Fun

  1. I can’t even look at those photos. They make me sick. Another target for these A-holes are giraffes…..such vicious evil creatures! Elephants are magnificent, intelligent creatures and have a very structured society. The big cats are majestic and beautiful. Rhinos and hippos have been around for millennia and even look prehistoric. They kill rhinos for keratin (the same material as fingernails) in the horns and let them rot so the Chinese can use them for cures and as an aphrodisiac (How many people live in China? Over a billion! – aphrodisiacs not needed). How can intelligent people believe such tripe? Equally bad is our cavalier attitude to our climate allowing polar bears to starve and drown. This has gone on forever and how many species have already become extinct?

    What is wrong with these wastes of skin? Don’t forget the little Texas cheerleader (I think she started at 12) who also poses with animals she murders. These people all have to be wealthy to do this so I guess they get bored, poor little rich boys and girls! Who are the parents who taught them killing is fun? Even Teddy Roosevelt had a change of hearty and fostered the National Parks system.

    Having been to several Africa countries, I found it a revelation to be the one in the cage while seeing the magnificent creatures roaming free in THEIR land. Humans are the most evil, despicable creatures on the planet. We kill for fun. Send these creeps out in the Savannah or Ngorongoro Crater with pointy sticks and see how brave they are. We are a cancer. We will destroy our tiny, fragile oasis in the universe one way or another.


  2. Thanks for this posting Doug … a subject which puzzles me more every day. Folks who claim to ‘looovvvveee’ wildlife and then go about finding ways to kill them. On a lighter note for your readers, check out http://www.dmgd.org whose light-hearted look at male hunters (& the women who want to keep up with them), is probably pretty close to the truth….




  4. Sheila Krekorian

    Short Hills Park was filled with DMGDs in Nov and Dec. It breaks my heart.


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