A Sign of Our Times in Niagara – ‘Aggressive and Intimidating Behaviour’, and the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Haven’t we had enough of the NPCA’s ‘Chamber of Horrors’!

A Brief Commentary by Doug Draper

Posted July 21st, 2017 on Niagara At Large

“Aggressive or intimidating behavior, aggressive or course language will not be tolerated.”

Those were the words on one of the signs, greeting any and all members of the public who took the trouble to show up at one of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authorities monthly board of director meetings this past April.

“Look at that,” said one member of the public reading one of these signs, taped on a door to the NPCA’s Balls Falls meeting room. “That’s kind of insulting”

A sign that greeted members of the public, taped this spring on the outside doors of a room where the was holding its monthly board of directors meeting. File photo by Doug Draper

Kind of insulting, indeed!

I have taken to calling it the “behave yourselves, you unruly animals” sign.

And just a little note here to NPCA P.R. flack Michael Reles or whoever else banged out the wording of this sign. I think the word ‘course’ that you intended to use is spelled ‘coarse’ and you should have used the ‘u’ in your ‘course’ in ‘behavior’, unless you meant to Americanize the word.

Ah but enough niggling over the spelling. Let’s get back to the essence of that not-so-inviting, Wednesday-morning, go-to-an-NPCA-meeting sign.

Since I posted a commentary here this past May, where I explained why I have decided to no longer go any more NPCA board meetings, a number of Niagara At Large readers phoned and emailed, saying they hoped that doesn’t mean I am no longer going to post any more commentaries on the NPCA mess.

My answer is, of course I am going to go on posting commentaries and, in fact, this is one right now. It’s just that I have decided I am no longer going to put myself through any more of the insulting and disturbing garbage that goes with walking into their equivalent of a Tussauds wax museum Chamber of Horrors.

The NPCA board, at a January 2017 meeting.

About the only thing that would make me change my mind about attending the meetings is if someone in the know phoned me up and told me the provincial government is finally going to do what it should have done more than a year ago, and bring in a specially appointed supervisor to fire the entire board and executive staff. I would definitely show up for that one.

As for that insulting sign we found taped on the doors outside the NPCA meeting room this past April, one of the ironies was that while dozens of members of the public were left outside with the warning not to engage in any aggressive, intimidating or harassing behaviour, the flying monkeys inside the room apparently saw no reason to heed the warning themselves.

They were busy slamming Bill Hodgson, the only board member who dared to champion the public’s call for a thorough, independent audit of the NPCA’s operations, with a censure motion – a move that led to Hodgson, a respected regional councillor and former mayor for the Town of Lincoln, to quit the board a few weeks later.

That bloody sign should have been up on the big screen in their board room while they were getting ready to gang bang Bill Hodgson with a censure.

So I will go on doing the kind of commentary on the NPCA that it deserves, but to hell with any more of its insulting signs and to hell with its meetings until – come on Premier Wynne – your government finally comes in and cleans house here.

At the April 2017 NPCA board meeting, members of the public had this to look at for more than an hour before the open session finally began.

Madam Premier, if you are looking for more ways to improve your standing in the polls prior to next spring’s provincial election, taking care of this business certainly wouldn’t hurt.

To read a related commentary, posted on Niagara At Large this past May 16th, click onhttps://niagaraatlarge.com/2017/05/16/there-comes-a-time-when-one-just-has-to-say-lost-cause-and-call-it-a-day/ .

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