Premier Ignoring Ontarians by Selling Off More of Hydro One

A Statement from Ontario NDP Energy Critic Peter Tabuns

Posted May 8th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

 Queen’s Park, Toronto  – Ontario NDP Energy Critic Peter Tabuns issued the following statement about the further privatization of Hydro One.

 “By giving up the province’s majority stake in Hydro One , Kathleen Wynne is doing even more damage to our hydro system. Her short-sighted sell off of Hydro One will drive up electricity bills for the residents, businesses and municipalities of our province.

 this Monday, May 8th’s announcement  shows that Premier Wynne and her Liberal government are still refusing to listen to the majority of Ontarians who say no to the privatization of their electricity system. Ontarians didn’t vote for this. Electricity isn’t a luxury. It shouldn’t be priced like one.

If elected in 2018 New Democrats will fix the electricity system broken by private power deals signed by Liberals and Conservatives, and put Hydro One back into public hands where it belongs, so that the benefits can help fund hospitals, schools and vital public services. ”  

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders




2 responses to “Premier Ignoring Ontarians by Selling Off More of Hydro One

  1. Another Corporate Deal by our Corporate LIberal Provincial Government as they rush to sell out the people of this province… for “Forty pieces of Sivler much like JUDAS did to Jesus Christ????? It seems so…….I don’t expect any thing different from the Conservatives for they have been just as guilty as the LIberals in the sell out of Ontario…I am reading a book written by a fine Journalist Michael Harris (No not the Conservative Ex Premier who began the sell off of the Assts of the people of Ontario.) THe MIchael Harris I am referring to calls a spade a spade and he in his book “A Party of One” is writing about Stephen Harper and his role in the sell out of Canada to the American Right Wing Think Tanks whose Government he admires works with and copied during his devastation of the Canadian Political System…Most of the Illegal Corruption used by the Harper Conservatives, such as Robocall and voter obstruction originated with the REPUBLICAN PARTY in the U.S. of A. and was financed by THe American weathest Conservatives through Right Wing Think Tanks here and in the U.S.of A. During Conservative Mike Harris’s reign of terror as Corporate Premier of Ontario he also called upon the corrupt assistance of the Republican Party and the Right Wing Think Tanks from Here in Canada and the monetary sponsors from South of the Border.
    IT seems our elections Corporate Federal and Corporate Provincial are now being engineered from the U.S.of A. and it makes me wonder just how “Controlled” are we here in Canada from the U.S.of A.?????


  2. Robert McMaster

    If the majority of HYDRO ONE is now in the hands of private shareholders, how can the government force the people of Ontario to continue buying their hydro/power from a private company. Why are we, in Ontario not allowed to erect our own power sources, wind, solar etc. and choose to live off the grid?

    One good reason is, the government would lose a control hold on it’s people.

    I heard this as a young cadet, at a lecture on defense, while training at a Canadian Military Base cadet summer camp during “THE COLD WAR”.

    Besides that those greedy, power hungry Power executives would lose large amounts of income, if we all started our own self-sufficient little power plants.


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