Trudeau Sends A Non-Trump Message To Muslim Refugees – ‘Welcome To Canada’!

Canada’s Prime Minister Should Also Consider Following  Mexican President’s Lead & Cancelling Plans To Meet With Trump

A News Commentary by Doug Draper

Posted January 29th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

In the wake of America’s new president, Donald Trump, signing an executive order this past January 27th, closing America’s borders to refugees and others from Syria and other Muslim-populated countries, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to Twitter, as Trump is want to do, to send out a very un-Trump-like message of his own.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greets Syrian refugees arriving at Toronto airport last year.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greets Syrian refugees arriving at Toronto airport last year.

“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of our faith. Diversity is our strength,” stated Trudeau in a January 28th tweet. “Welcome to Canada.”

I can’t help but think there is a little bit of father Pierre’s penchant in that tweet for letting the big man in the White House now we aren’t just going to role over every time he barks. But it might be a good idea if the son followed up the tweet with a statesman-like address in the Canadian people and the world that, in spite of the kind of racist bile spewing from the mouths of some, like federal Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch, Canada is not going to follow Trump and his shock troops to the darkest reaches of human nature.

Perhaps Prime Minister Trudeau should also consider cancelling any plans he has to meet with Trump to show some solidarity with the President of Mexico, who recently cancelled his meeting with Trump, and to also show solidarity with the countless hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, in his own country and across the United States – very many good people in America, and we’ve got to remember that – who are protesting this executive order from this character even as I post this piece.

Americans protest Trump immigration ban at JFK Airport in New York City.

Americans protest Trump immigration ban at JFK Airport in New York City.

I’ve read some reporters in Canadian newspapers that maybe Trudeau can go meet with Trump anyway, even if the Mexican president isn’t present for any discussions on trade and other matters, and reach an agreement with this guy that works for Canada. Really?

If my reading of history is correct, I seem to remember a certain British prime minister – one Neville Chamberlain – who in the 1930s – thought he could reason with and reach a positive agreement for his people with a certain strong man in Europe, and that ended not working out very well for his country and the rest of the world.

And speaking of appeasing strong men in the 1930s and of Mexico,  what gives with the people of Israel electing and re-electing this guy, Benjamin Netanyahu, to the prime minister’ job in their country, then sitting back while he carries on like a cheerleader for Trump, all through the year and a half of his run for the U.S. presidency, and right up to the present.

In a tweet Netanyahu put out there this January 28th (and what’s with all of this setting policy by tweet madness), he says; “President Trump is right (to build a wall along the Mexcan border). I built a wall along Israel’s southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea.”

American citizens protest this January 29th in New York City

American citizens protest this January 29th in New York City

Given all of the  continued high tensions, suffering and bloodshed we read about  in Netanyahu’s region of the world, I think it’s safe to say that the jury is still out on the success of any walls he’s built.

You would think that of all people, the people of Israel, know the danger of appeasing and enabling a strong man who rises to power by exploiting people’s fear and anger, and making scapegoats out of entire groups of people. How much more dangerous and reckless it is to ignore history here.

The countries with high Muslim populations that Trump has placed on his blacklist so far are Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen. Interestingly enough, Saudi Arabia, the country where the majority of individuals who committed the single worst terrorist assault on American soil – the one on 9/11l – is absent from this list.

And why?

For an answer to that and related questions, I will sign off with the following from  CNN news program host Fareed Zakaria, who uses real and verifiable facts and statistics – remember them? – and not “alternative truths.”

Fareed Zakararia  outlines how many people have been killed in acts of terrorism on American soil by individuals from the seven blackballed countires and how many have been killed by individuals from Saudi Arabia and others that aren’t on the list, and whether the make-up of the list may have something to do with which of these countries hosts a Trump hotel or other Trump business interests.

Please check out Fareed Zakaria’s analysis by clincon on the following  

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders



One response to “Trudeau Sends A Non-Trump Message To Muslim Refugees – ‘Welcome To Canada’!

  1. True. Saudi Arabia was responsible for 9/11 yet the US, UK and Canada are best buddies with them and still sell them military supplies. The Saudis supply all sects of their fellow Muslims to fight each other. Do THEY take in refugees? Less culture shock. Lots of money. This is the same Saudi Arabia that is on the UN Council for Human Rights, the same Saudi Arabia that won’t let women go out without a male relative or drive a car. Funny that the bin Laden’s were flown out of the US when all aviation was grounded after 9/11.

    Meanwhile, Netanyahu is a war criminal and tyrant so, of course he would admire Trump. Let’s move the capital to Jerusalem just to “PO” the Palestinians. Let’s keep building homes on their land and displacing them even after condemnation by the UN. How to win friends and influence people. Two of a kind.

    The salient point about “terrorism” in the US is that, since 1980, fewer than 3000 Americans were killed by foreign born terrorists in the US, almost all of those in 9/11. Meanwhile 1.15 MILLION Americans have killed each other with guns in that same time period …. that’s over 33,000 a year….and nothing is done. Even 20 five year old school children are just collateral damage. Who then are the real terrorists?


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