In Wake of Trump Ban, Ontario, Canada  Re-Affirms Its Open Door Stance For Refugees & Immigrants from All Countries

A Statement from Ontario Citizenship and Immigration Minister Laura Albanese

Posted January 29, 2017 on Niagara At Large

Earlier this Sunday,  January 29th,  I spoke to the federal Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, and reiterated Ontario’s open door stance with respect to receiving immigrants and refugees from all countries, irrespective of race, ethnicity or faith.welcome-to-canada

Ontario’s economic and social strength is built on our traditions of openness and
diversity. Since December 2015, Ontario has received approximately 20,000 refugees, including over 16,000 refugees fleeing the Syrian crisis and the remainder coming from other countries across the globe.

Communities across the province have embraced our new neighbours and through the collaborative efforts of governments, settlement agencies, the broader non-profit sector, the private sector as well as everyday Ontarians, refugees are finding homes, their children are attending school, jobs are being found and the process of integration is well underway.

I want to emphasize that the Ontario government is committed to ensuring that our province continues to be a safe destination for members of all faiths, including our brothers and sisters who practice the Muslim faith.

We will proudly continue to welcome people from all parts of the world as we continue to create economic security and opportunity and develop the diverse and inclusive communities where all people thrive.

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders



2 responses to “In Wake of Trump Ban, Ontario, Canada  Re-Affirms Its Open Door Stance For Refugees & Immigrants from All Countries

  1. These people are vetted ad infinitum. We are taking families, not single men. Many entering Europe are mostly young men, not vetted, but arriving in numbers the recipient nations can’t possibly handle or afford. They arrive on boats from Africa and the Middle East with little or no way to check their pasts and with no education or skills. These huge masses migrated uncontrolled across the open EU borders. That is why some of them are trouble. Those coming to us are vetted in the camps, by the UN and finally by Canadian officials. They aren’t the ones floating to Lesbos or Sicily on leaky rafts.

    To my knowledge there has not been any increase in crime committed by Syrian refugees here. These people have no home to return to, no land that is safe and very little to their names. Many are educated, some are Christian (as if that matters) and some are professionals. I recall an incident about 10 years ago when I stopped for gas and the man pumping gas was a pediatric oncologist from Iraq who fled Hussein. Such a profession is sorely needed but the government made it too difficult and costly for him to attain credentials here. How many professionals are driving cabs?

    Our population is aging and we need immigration to fund our social programmes when the Gen-X and Millennials come to the age where they need health care and benefits. They will need houses and services, all of which will create jobs. Our ancestors were almost all immigrants and many of those refugees, financial if not otherwise. Now they are CANADIAN. It was a disgrace when Canada and other lands turned away the St Louis sending Jews back to the European gas chambers (but we took in many Germans after WW2, even some POW’s chose to stay, and they were considered our “evil enemies”). What’s the difference with the Syrians? Is it just religion? How about the “DP’s” (Poles, Belgians, Eastern Europeans) who fled what was left of war torn Europe? They were scorned too. Nobody cares about that now. After a generation or two, even if they retain their religion and ceremonies (as most of us have done), they will be Canadian first. Most people respond in kind to the treatment they receive. Turning them back to their hell on earth and separating families will just foment hatred. Pssst, somebody tell the Donald.


  2. Linda McKellar, yours is a most enlightened, thought-provoking and highly readable commentary. Thank you for stating most eloquently sentiments that largely mirror the Canadian spirit. I might only add that we cannot keep infilling our communities and destroying precious, irreplaceable green spaces and farmlands in the process. Ours is a large and bountiful country. We should be mindful about how we grow and expand and not repeat, or contribute to, environmental sins of the past and present. We can and must do better. Our planet and all life it supports is at the tipping point. We all have an obligation to be responsible stewards and we have an obligation to require that our political establishment hear our call. A healthy economy won’t matter when our environment is so degraded that it cannot support life.


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